Linvincible's system

just went from this

to this

And it’s very nice to hear!

And it powers that:

Looks great! Congrats on the new Pass XP-20! What are the new amps?

woot said Looks great! Congrats on the new Pass XP-20! What are the new amps?
the amps are Emotiva XPA-1 monos (600W)

Bought that as I want to move to Magnepan speakers in active bi-amp (20.1 or 3.6), just missing the speakers and active filter now.


Niiiiice but that TV’s picture is horrible!4_gif

Actually, that’s one of the coolest looking diffusers I’ve seen.

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thanks, “made” it myself from 4 Vicoustic diffusers to match a TV format and hide the TV

the wooden bars on the sides are on hinges and I can open them to see the TV

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look who made it in the living room:

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and to use them properly, active filtering is mandatory

That’s not it’s definitive place, I’m still tweaking the filters settings and waiting for an extra shelf ;o)

Looks like Maggie to me!

re-did my rack, since new XXL amps are coming and I needed to make some space!

two funny pics I took while re-doing this: the power strip and wall plugs (coming from 2 shielded wires straight from breaking box, allowing 2x16 A in 220V)

and all the cables

new amps arrived! new rack was not for nothing ;o)

Karan KA S-400 dual mono amps

the pre is a loan, KA L Reference MK3

Step 3: active tri-amp baby

scaling down now… going to mono amp again

For these babies:

What are they?

XTZ Divine 100.49
I selected them for their configuration options since we can wire them in mono, bi or tri amp, passive or active, and any mix of those. Additionally they have jumpers to tune the bass mediums and trebles levels, plus two bass reflex ports that can be plugged…
Great toys to play with!
And kid safe since all drivers have grids and they weigh 150lbs!