LUMIN app no Qobuz?

I decided I wanted to try my LUMIN app (on my iPad) with Qobuz, but it seems there is no Qobuz icon anywhere on my app. I see online that LUMIN is Qobuz-capable, and I see a little “Q” icon in online pictures of the app, but I don’t seem to have that. I’m running the latest version. Help? :man_shrugging:

You have to sign in under options to Qobuz for the icon to show up.

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…looks like this:

Hmm. I have Options under where my ultraRendu is listed, and again under where my Library is listed. Under neither location do I see a sign up for Qobuz. :thinking:

This is what I see under Options for my Rendu.


Are you trying to control the Rendu with the Lumin app and if you are was the Rendu already booted up when you installed and opened the app? Not sure if the Lumin app is compatible with Sonore streamers but to be sure shut down the Lumin app and turn off the iPad. Then shut down the Rendu and re-boot it and the iPad and Lumin app to give them a chance to see each other. The if you click on the wheel icon (second from the right) and still don’t get any options for choosing the Rendu or signing into streaming services in options then they are not compatible. Also appears you have to have the Rendu in Mode 3a.

Yes, I am and by most accounts it already seems to work - in that my Rendu appears as a device and I can select my own music from minimserver and have it play through that part of my system. That all seems to work just fine through the Lumin app. I’ll try the shutdown and restarts, but I’ve had the Lumin app installed since before I installed the Rendu.

As to Mode 3a, I must be dense because I’ve looked through the management web interface up and down, and while it is set for MPD / DLNA (Mode 3), I can’t figure out how to select 3a, 3b, etc.

This is where I saw it and the Lumin app follows the Open Home protocol.

No idea how to get there.


Don’t know if you saw my response to you on AS but just as a thought try the Teac and Esoteric versions of the Lumin app. They are several years old but were designed to be more general purpose and followed more of the protocols of the Linn app which should also work. The later versions of the Lumin app from the last year at least are more specialized and aimed strictly at their newest streamer with the Leedh volume control and therefore won’t function fully or at all with some other products anymore. I have a Teac Reference NT-505 which uses the basic Lumin core so the current version of the app still performs the basic functions but not anything new. Same with Clifton’s Esoteric. The are identical in appearance to the Lumin but just different color schemes. Peter is trying to get his bosses to let him port some of the newer features to the Teac and Esoteric versions but it may be a while if he succeeds.

Yes, I just saw that. Thanks. I’ll check to see if either of these are available on the iOS App Store.

No luck there. :persevere: I tried them both. They both see the uR, but in neither case do any Options show up. So I can’t even select Qobuz. Isn’t there. I appreciate the heads up, though.

you might try posting on the Roon forums. I know there’s a Lumin guy who’s active on there and could probably help shed some light on your issue.

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That’s odd the Teac app from 2016 should work as should the Linn app. Must be something in the UR settings. Look’s like you are going to have to reach out to the Sonore guys. The guy on the Roon forums is Peter Lie aka Wklie and he’s already answered on the other forum.