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No one is talking about PSA’s new mobil app PS Connect. I wonder if anyone has run into the problem Im having with Qobuz. I have the Qobuz app on my iMac and iphones and also the integrated version on Roon. Now I have another mobil version PS Connect.

First the main page of PS Connect has a list of services. The first three are useless. Search requires iTunes library. Favorites and My Music tell you to hit thr … button that doesn’t exist.

The Qobuz app is strange. It doesn’t allow you to browse Qobuz’ music library, just play lists which are never yours but Qobuz. to play music I see on the other Qobuz apps I have to make playlists…for all music. Its the only way. Search works but is just a list without cover art. You had better know what you are looking for. Not good for discovery.
Is the app written by Qobuz or PSA? It certainly doesn’t have the functionality of the other Qobuz apps.

TuneIn works fine.

Looks like developed by this Chinese company!


If the partner developing the app is Chinese (as current API calls, and App screens indicate), has there been any thought into data privacy? IP theft and issues with Chinese companies and security of users data knowing the current challenges with China, and if the partner has any ties to Chinese gvt (as most do)?

Lumin and Auralic streamers and apps are Chinese also, and are pretty good. Some of the IP in this space might actually originate from China. But I imagine you can find some brands that are not Chinese or don’t use Chinese components, IP or software. I am not totally worried myself - I have an iPhone made in China.

Where did you find this app? When I search the US Apple App store I find no hits for the name ‘PS Connect’.

You are right. Its not in the Apple store yet. There is detailed how to on the app in the Strata thread at the top.

Hi bud,

Is it only for Strata? Or bridge II? I have neither

Don’t know. I’m just watching this from the outside, my friend.

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OK I wasn’t clear. This Roon work around is only for the Strata. Bridge II on the DAC does work with Roon no problem. You don’t need PS Connect for the Bridge II/DSD.

It is only for Strata and will not work on Bridge II. You can use the PS Connect IOS app which is still only available on the link from our server with Strata or Strata is fully DLNA compliant so any program, like JRiver, can also control Strata.

Paul can I get the PS Connect to work with the bridge II so I can listen to Qobuz without Roon?

Need to add that all my problems have gone away. The Strata just needed to be rebooted. PS Connect is working fine. Didn’t do anything but wait a day or to. Favorits showed up on Qobuz finally. Just needed to think about it I guess.

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The PS Connect-app probably is a variant of the iEast-app.

I use three of this affordable streamers around my house, and they work very good.
The app is good and very reliable.

I don´t have the Strata, but my guess is that the iEast-app will work fine on Strata as long as the PS Connect-app works fine with the iEast products.

If this is correct you can build an affordable multiroom-system with the Strata and as many iEast-streamers you want.

In addition to the problems you note I have found that the Qobuz running under the PS Audio Connect app does not identify hi-res files and and does not play hi-res in any event. I consider this a serious shortcoming, ie deal breaker if not fixed asap.

But it does. PS Audio/Quboz app shows a HI Res box under all the hi res files. When you play the file under the album title it gives you HiRes and for example 24bits / up to 96kHz

All my problems have been resolved but I still prefer to use Roon. I purchased a SOTM and feed it in to the USB inputs on the StellarStrata

Have you gone into the settings on the desktop app and made sure the output settings are correct? You can’t check it through the Connect app.

PS Connect only works with the Strata unit (as of now). If you’d like Qobuz capabilities, use the Mconnect Control application on your phone’s app store.

The Strata does play 192/24 bit through Qobuz. Once you sign in to Qobuz through Ps Connect app, then go to the 5 bars (menu) on the left then streaming to select rate it will play. Make sure it is set to highest. If this is not achievable, make sure you are subscribed to either the Studio Premiere or Sublime+ plans.

Let me know your results. Thanks!

If you are referring to the Qobuz desktop app the answer is yes. i have successfully streamed hi-res with other hardware and software and can also stream hi res through the Strata using Audirvana and a Mac mini. But the internal bridge and psConnect only streams in CD quality.
If you are referring to the psConnect, I am unaware there is a desktop app, how does one get it?