M1200 Tube Rolling

To be on the safe side, I ordered a set of the stock replacements and the tube puller. I think I will order the RX-9 rings. It sounds like they should improve any tube. Even if I don’t hear a difference, I’m not out much. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent that much money for a bottle of Belgian beer a time or two.

I tried the RX-9 rings and the only set up I like is using them at very light tension, like barely hold on to the tubes. otherwise the sound is compressed to me. of course it may well be due to my system and personal preference.

I think their main benefit is to soften the edgy sound on high frequency, so it is really system dependent. The M1200 sounded very neutral in all frequencies in my system (My speakers use soft dome tweeters with super high frequency tweeters) so I did not find the rings provide great benefit. But I know there are tons of people love them.

Something that inexpensive is worth a try. With some less than stellar recordings my Magnepan 3.7is can come off as a little bright and edgy. I know, I know, don’t listen to those. The trouble is, I really like some of those songs. If you decide to get rid of your RX-9s I’ll keep an eye on the classifieds here.

Haha, they are pretty reasonable so I will keep them around. Like I said, I like them on some music and really don’t on others. I just purchased a set of Radiotechnique 12AU7 - Kevin’s Stash from Upscale and will put these rings back on again. I heard these tubes may do wonder on the BHK Pre.

That Radiotechnique from Kevin’s stash is good…

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I have Kevin’s stash Gold Lions. I may have to try the Radiotechnique tubes in the BHK preamp.

The 6922’s can be used in the BHK Preamp by moving the jumpers from 12 to 6 volt setting (the manual also says to move the current jumpers but I believe Bascom said some tubes might sound better the other way). It’s in the manual.

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Oh wow! I will revisit the manual. Thanks so much for pointing it out!

You’re welcome. I’m currently running Gold Lion 6922’s in my BHK Pre. Before that I was using Tungsram 7DJ8’s, which sounded great but the Gold Lions are considerably quieter. There is a long thread on BHK Pre tube rolling.

Fantastic. I’m still running stock tubes as the kits happen to be only a few months old, but eager to explore the mentioned Bascom posts. Cheers!

I know I am against the flow here. I tried Radiotechnique 12au7 (from Kevin’s stack) and Gold Lions 12au7 (from Vivatube) for my M1200. But listening through PST I kept going back to PSVANE 12au7-s. They have great resolution and big soundstage. Compared to the others they have a more meat-on-the-bone nice sound that I like. The high end is a bit more present and they do not sound warm, so I can see why they are not top choice for others. I think my cables are on the warmer side (Fidelium speaker cables are really warm sounding) which balanced it out nicely.

Well, I am not trying to change anyone’s mind here, but they sounded better in my setup.

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