M1200 Tube Rolling

Just ordered Herbie’s tube damper ultrasonic RX, 2 for BHK Preamp and 2 for M1200s. In both cases for Gold Lion tubes.

Curious to hear differences in sound quality. What remarkable improvements may I expect?

Hope on M1200s I will be able to easily insert RX dampers model, (I am not really happy to face again this tube pain maneuver) any thoughts or suggestions about compatibility and better way to insert/positioning dampers RX in this particular case?

Hi Luca!

I have everything you mention here. From GLs to several Herbie’s TDs…and of course the M1200s. While I haven’t used that particular combination (I.e. the Herbie’s are on phono tubes at present), keep the expectations pretty low, unless there is quite some particular issue that somehow gets solved in the process.

Honestly, I love tubes, but haven’t found a tube that really drops my jaw and is worth many hundreds, or thousands these days - NOS. Dampers and such belong with expectations for a fuse change, new isolation, etc. It might sound subtly different, but this and other small changes are so tiny…hard to say that most would pass a blind test.

I love tweaks, and think that several, together, can add up to something bigger than one tweak. The best know which few will do the most. Tough calls sometimes, which makes it interesting and potentially expensive. The Herbie’s will be easy to sell if you don’t get much out of the change. Always worth a shot with Herbie’s stuff.

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It should be pretty easy to pop them in, but that’s never been much of an issue for me….tube rolling experience has helped.

Herbies back in the day. First shot shows small signal and larger size for output tubes. The ones with the brown outer Teflon coating were made for high temperature tubes. Second shot is one in action on the input tube of a Premier 140 amp. Their effect was subtle, at best.



Herbies dampers had more impact aesthetically than sonically in my tube gears. The damper will have zero aesthetic impact on M1200.

This is another approach used by both Conrad Johnson and Audio Research for small signal tubes. If you had NOS tubes you had to be careful not to mar the silk screen print on the tubes if you cared about that sort of thing.


Whoa…2 for 1 tube!

Thank you all for your kind answers very much appreciate.

As soon as I receive from Herbie’s TDs RX I will share my thoughts both for use in M1200s (really not happy to manage again but at the end of feb it’s exactly a year since last rolling) and in BHK Preamp.

Paper Japanese Matt, Orea IsoAcoustics isolators, SR Purple fuses, CAD Ground Controls from CAD, shelves SolidSteel and last external PSU mod for TT offered me the opportunity to tweak learnings. I know it’s a sort of balance, subtle and expensive or a fine tuning jobs with no end, at all.

Dragon HDMI from PST to DAC and Dragon HC from wall to P12s were the most remarkable improvements I experienced at the moment. Not to mention the Stellar Phono Preamp into the chain, maybe the top of all the upgrades I had after years.

Awaiting new PS Audio gear on the market would be so expensive if I go down the tweak rabbit hole!

But we all love this hobby and we can keep the mind far away from pandemic issues, do you agree?!

Enjoy music!


That’s the way the preamp came stock with those O-rings. The recommendation in the User’s Guide was to place the bottom one at the bottom of the plates and you guessed it, to place the top O-ring at the top of the plate. There was a slightly discernable difference for the better.

Edit: Most times I ran the tubes au naturel.

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