Which Power Chord for M700's: Morrow, Audioquest or other brand?

Just got a pair of the M700s and need to buy power chords for them. I don’t want to spend a ton of money, but I also don’t want to get cheap underperforming power chords. My speakers are Egglestonworks Rosa’s, with the Directstream Dac going into the BHK preamp, going into the M700s.
Thanks! Joe

Level Two or Level Three if you are feeling flush.

They punch way above their price level.


Anticables Level 3 is a great PC.

But if you have the budget, my choice will be Zevfino line of cables. I am using their Silver Dart OCC cords to feed my M1200, and they replaced AQ Thunder PCs in seconds! Their lower priced cords are excellent too from reviews (but I have not tried. Others above I have owned).


Not sure what budget is, but Iconoclast BAV cords are really good. Punches way above its retail price. I have the same dac and preamp and I use 5 of them for all components fed through Puritan PSM156.


Around 12 or more years ago I bought some of the original Anti Cable interconnects. They were just OK in that they improved the sound somewhat, but were not refined in their sound. I wonder how their products have improved over the years.
What would you say the sound characteristics of the Anti Cable Power Chords? How did they improve the sound of your components?

WIREWORLD AURORA but they are not very foldable on the other hand an excellent cable with a favorable quality-price ratio.

That was long ago and far away. I sadly cant remember.

My Anticables 3 cord was used about three years ago. As I remembered they had great details, but sounded somewhat bright compared to AQ Thunder.