DSJ Bridge not working

The ethernet bridge on my DiresctStream Junior isn’t being recognized by Roon or MConnect. I don’t think it’s a problem with my network, because I take the same ethernet feeding the DSJ and plug it into my other network DAC (DEQX PreMate Plus) and everything works fine. My DSJ has been literally sitting on a shelf gathering dust for the last 2-3 months but before that, it was working perfectly and I listened to it every day. The software is supposedly up to date. Could use some help here.

Did you “enable” the zone for the DS Jr in the Roon software. It may have lost its settings between Roon updates…

I hate to sound like Captain Obvious, but did you try a hard reboot of the DSJ using the power switch on the back?

The DS JR wasn’t even recognized by Roon so that i could enable it in the settings>Audio menu.

I did a hard reset using the rear power switch many times.

Reset the entire network all the way back to the router and then turn back on one piece at a time in order. No telling what has changed in the months it was not used.

I have the Sr., which will display the IP assigned to the DAC by the router. Does the Jr. also display the assigned IP address? If so, what IP address is being assigned to your Jr., blang?

Connect DSJ to your network. Open Spotify and see if DSJ is in the list of Spotify Connect devices.

There is a free app called Fing, available for Android and iOS, that will show you everything on your network and let you ping devices. It should help you determine if your network is at least seeing the Bridge and able to communicate with it.

FYI: Unfortunately, Fing for iOS no longer shows mac addresses of connected devices. Some kind of new security feature in iOS 11.

The exact message, “Starting with iOS 11, apps cannot read MAC addresses anymore. Device brand and type may be less accurate.”

Yes and that is very annoying but it’s still a useful app for other purposes. It does show IP addresses, which are often more important. Plus I also have it on older pre-iOS 11 iPads so if I need to see mac addresses I can.

Go on to your router and check the connection table. See if Junior’s MAC address shows up there. Also consider setting Junior to a fixed IP address via your router.

Try connecting the bridge cable after the DAC is fully booted up and operational. I had a connectivity issue with the bridge once and this method was the only thing that got it connected to my network properly again. I have not had an issue since.

Thanks to everyone. I’ll give it a go tonight after work. One interesting thing I forgot to mention originally is that I did get Roon to recognize the bridge one time last night out of my many attempts. Not sure if I did anything different that time. I didn’t just stick with it once it was running because I was troubleshooting a Roon issue by trying to connect to two different DACs.

If the DSJ plays Spotify normally, which is very easy to test, then it’s more likely a Roon issue you are having. I found the DSJ to be reliable with Spotify Connect. I have no experience with Roon.

Hi blang,

We’re so sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your DSJ’s Bridge II and Roon.
If you had tried all of the suggestions in this thread thus far then likely we need to have a look at the Bridge II module.
If you would, please reach out to us at Service@PSAUDIO.com or give us a call at 720-406-8946 ext 2.
We’ll be happy to get your DSJ back up and running.

  • Jeremy

Unless he has everything in his audio chain controlled through the network on fixed IP addresses and not DHCP then there is no telling what has changed while the DSJ has been sitting unused for three months. That is why he needs to shut everything down back through the router and come back on line one piece at a time after the piece before has rebooted. May take 10 minutes to do but easier than searching one item at a time and posting about it. Even if you use all your pieces everyday some software upgrades upset the cart and you have to restart or reset. Just a fact of streaming and digital based audio.

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Will do if I try a couple more things suggested here and they don’t work.

I finally had the free time to test this further. Thanks for everyone’s advice. I tried everything that was suggested in this thread.

I tried opening Spotify to see if my DSJ showed as an available endpoint –no dice.
I downloaded Fing and the DSJ didn’t show up.
I tried starting the DSJ and THEN connecting the Ethernet cable—no dice.
I tried powering down everything audio and internet related in the house all the way back to the modem and powering them back on one by one. NO DICE

@JeremyBe I’ll be emailing the Service@psaudio address.

Yes, there is a limit to how many things you might be expected to try before handing it in for diagnosis and repair. By any chance are you using a Pakedge router on the network?