Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)


I have not seen any glitches with the Reply buttons.

Keep in mind that if you click on the reply button at the bottom of the thread you will not see it as a response to the last poster.


Definitely clicking the right button. It even indicates who I’m responding to above the text box.

Edit: it just happened again.


Odd. I have done a good deal of extraneous clicking and the behavior for me is correct and consistent.

Perhaps it depends on the browser used.


It does it from my mobile phone and desktop computer.

Edit: This post was from my desktop, the previous one from my mobile phone. Same outcome.


I have no clue, as well as no issue on laptop, desktop, or phone.

Do you happen to be using iThings?


It has been glitchy for me since forever, and I’m doing it right.


No. Desktop is an iMac using Safari browser, mobile is from a Samsung Note 8 using Opera browser.


One iThing and one not. Not much of a trend. :slight_smile:

Of course, as expected. You have problems with everything.


Not so…my Esoteric/Halcro/Kaleidescape/Magico etc all work perfectly.


Four out of hundreds of products is not bad I guess.


Again no…it’s really only the suite of PS products that have ever been problematic for me. Otherwise the vast majority of stuff has been reliable and worked as intended. Hopefully the TSS will hit the streets soon and initial owner reports are glowing and tempt me into giving another PS product a try.


I clearly need to use more emoticons.


Talking about Magico, I heard the M6 setup at this great dealer in Delaware, Overture, driven by a whole battery of Esoteric gear. Unbelievably awesome. Must have been around half a million dollars overall. It made it right into my top 3 of my most amazing systems I ever heard. The other two?

PS Audio Music room One off course. Heard the previous one. Stunning how the sound is totally loose from the speakers.

The Verity room at RMAF 2018. What an experience. They played a vinyl record and the soundstage was just stunning. I believe the whole arrangement was about 1.2 million.

All of these are like museum pieces for a guy like me, to be admired at a distance, but admired nonetheless :slight_smile:


…and Esoteric are about to go one better than what you heard there, with new flagship models announced and due out soon. Probably nothing better than M6 to come out of the Magico skunkworks any time soon. Not many dealers would have a pair of M6 on demo.


I had never heard of the Halcro amps, but they look incredible. Too bad they fell off the map for corporate reasons, but interesting to see they seem to be making a comeback. The new prices are well out of my league for at least a long while, but I’ll keep an eye on them! This thread definitely has me looking pretty hard at Magico’s as well. Albeit not at the M3 level for a while though. I’ll be taking a look at the A3 up to S3 Mk II in the next year or so.


Magico just announced a 25% price rise on A3, effective immediately. The wait list for a pair of A3 is currently 8 months. Magico have hired more staff to increase A3 production, they have been overwhelmed by customer demand for this product.


Did you sell the speakers that were surplus to requirement when you bought the M3s ? I think you made a joke about using them as rear speakers. But you probably were being serious… ? Just had another look at the top of the page and I have to say it is indeed an impressive system…!


Ugh… :frowning:
I just looked at them last night, and I didn’t see that mentioned…


From Magico - for immediate release:

Unfortunately, due to sizable increases in the overall manufacturing costs for the A3 - effective immediately the suggested retail price will increase to US$ 12,300/pair.

Existing A3 open orders, A3 Grilles and APOD8 will remain without change in pricing.


Not yet, I still have them. Whilst I might use them as rear surrounds, I haven’t. Since I bought the M3 I haven’t been inclined to listen to anything in surround. Plain old vanilla stereo for movies and music is sounding good enough at the moment.