Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)


Yep…I could imagine.


I meant to say, I see you are going for a new Esoteric…you hadn’t made your mind up 100% just the other week…


That’s right. The thing that tipped the balance is, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to flip it at break even or a small profit out to a year from now, so my net cost of ownership will be zero, or very close to it, or even profitable. Give me time to reassess all options, whilst at the same time enjoying the benefits of actually owning a Grandioso. I’m fortunate in that I have access to pricing that local dealers aren’t privvy too. Not just with this particular purchase, but with lots of my stuff. When I sell stuff to buy new stuff, I don’t usually wear a loss on the old stuff. Actually, the net cost of this hobby for me is quite low, for that reason. I even get very cheap electricity to power it all.


That’s great. I wish I could achieve the same but unfortunately I can’t… Good for you… If my system only worked faultlessly as I thought it would do when I handed over the green folding stuff, I would be eternally happy, regardless the cost of ownership…


Yea, I see some sites have updated pricing today. Such a bummer. I didn’t even know they existed until reading about them for about 30 minutes last night, and yet I feel a sense of loss now! Ha. People(read:me) are silly. I can’t really even purchase until moving in May anyway, but I’ll be on the lookout for some used S3’s or even 5’s I suppose if the price is right then.


The A3 price rise was unusual in that it took immediate effect. Everybody outside Magico, dealers included, were blindsided by it. Previously Magico has given some advance notice of any price increases. Dealers that were holding stock of A3 sold out within a day of the price rise announcement.

I have owned Magico S3, they are a fine speaker. My preference is S3 over S5 (I’m obviously familiar with both). S3Mk2 could well be an end-game speaker for most people, but very unlikely you’ll find a used pair of those (although there is one pair on Audiogon now at $22.5K). Even original S3 are very rare to find on the used market. Very few Magico speakers come on to the used market (there are only 5 pairs of Magico speakers listed on Audiogon at the moment, compare that with 36 pairs of Wilson Audio speakers).


I was considering asking your opinions on the S3 vs S5 actually, but you have obviously beat me to it! Thanks. I thought you might have some experience. Is that your comment I see on the TAS review of the S3’s last year? I’m not entirely surprised by your preference on the S3’s based on what I’ve read so far on forums and professional reviews.

If I may indulge you further…if they were the same price, would you still prefer the S3’s? I ask because it seems that might effectively be the case at the time I am really looking to purchase in the next 5-12 months(new S3 vs used S5). What is it about the S3’s that you would say you prefer?


I can’t remember what I had for breakfast 5 minutes ago let alone what I might have written somewhere last year. I don’t read TAS, unlikely I posted something there, don’t know, but I might of. Sometimes Magico stuff attracts me to places I might not otherwise go.

If I said I prefer S3 over S5, that remains true, unless the room is large. S3 and S5 have the same tweeter and mid-woofer, however S3 was the first Magico speaker to incorporate the internal mid-range polymer enclosure. S5 doesn’t have it. This just makes the S3 a better sounding speaker. Every S and M speaker that came after S3 now has that internal enclosure.

S3 is discontinued, you can’t buy a new pair. If you meant used S3 vs used S5 at the same price, I would go for the S3, unless the room was large in which case S5 would be my choice. Another aspect that might alter considerations. S series come in 2 different finishes, MCOAT and MCAST. MCOAT ups the price significantly. If the choice was used S3 MCAST vs used S5 MCOAT, you might opt for the higher spec finish if that was important to you, as a better value proposition over a better performance proposition. Either way, ultimately you can’t go wrong. S3 or S5.


I apologize. I should have been more specific given that we have a Mk1 vs Mk2 situation. I would be looking at the Mk2 versions. Logistically that seems most reasonable, but there also seems a clear consensus that there has been a significant improvement with the Mk2’s.


In that case it’s a no-brainer decision. S3Mk2 over S5 every time.


I just placed my order for the Esoteric Grandioso P1 SACD transport. The money is gone, I’m now locked in to that decision.


Congrats! If nothing else it probably holds value well so someone would want it if you decide it’s not for you


Does this come standard with the seperately housed power supply?


Yep. I’m contemplating whether to stack it or side-by-side it.


Brodric…you mentioned you have about 500 cd’s in another thread if I remember correctly. At 45k divided by the 500 cd’s you own… that comes out to $90 a spin per disc listening on your new rig. I can remember when a jukebox only cost 25 cents a spin.:exploding_head:

Enjoy the new digital playback system…it should sound great. :grin:


525 CD’s to be exact, and counting. I bought a few more today that I haven’t processed yet. Although I got slightly ripped off with today’s purchase. They were supposed to be 5 SACD, but when I got home only 2 of them were SACD, the other 3 were vanilla CD.



That’s right. In Johnny Rockets Diner on Mariner of the Seas ye ol’ juke box is still 25 cents a spin. A chocolate milkshake is even cheaper!


Here’s one slightly used at a great discount…With matching dac.


Thanks, but I already ordered a new one.


Cancel and save a bundle…