Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)


Nah…the warranty that comes with a new one is worth the peace of mind.


I thought you were skint after buying the Grandiso P1 … I had the red cross on standby to parachute in food supplies and clean water …!


Are you inferring they don’t transfer the warranty to the new owner like lowly PS Audio does? For shame Esoteric …


In my market Esoteric warranty is transferable via the supporting dealer in the same way. Esoteric USA warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners. I just prefer buying new stuff.


Just messing with you! :stuck_out_tongue: Interesting bit on the warranty transfer, the units on AudioGon are in England, which is still a long drive from Australia …


Anyway, not of concern to me, I’m not buying it.


Exciting times. I now have shipping tracking on the Grandioso P1ex dealer warehouse. PS Audio One - Sonoma Master Series SACD will be the first disc to spin in the spinner. As it was for my DMP (except, regrettably, it didn’t spin).

Critical Mass Systems have confirmed my Center Stage 2 footers are capable of carrying the load. Everything is finally coming into alignment.


I bought my first high end system at Overture in 2017. Really great place and great customer service! It was great… they’d wheel in whatever speakers you wanted to hear paired with whatever amp and pre amp you’re interested in and just left me with my bag full of CDs I brought from home to demo and whatever questions/suggestions you wanted they answered happily! Amazing customer experience purchasing my system here!


Excitement is building…



I wonder what this could be?


Factory seals in place, previously untouched by human hand. The Esoteric build quality is breathtaking, the weight is back busting, the whole package is completely off the richter scale. Grandiose. And best of all, when I pressed play, it played. Unlike what came and left before it.




I guess you need to start an “Esoteric Erotica” thread… ; )


Yeah, when the Grandioso D1X arrives. Unless of course PS Audio send me a TSS first.


They are beautiful! Congratulations!


Gorgeous. And at the price, they ought to be. Congrats!


The P1 disc spinner (and C1 pre-amp) is the most expensive box that Esoteric sells, by about double. It’s not until you heave it out of its box, see it in the flesh for the first time, and study the exquisiteness of that VRDS-NEO disc tray opening and closing that you can truly appreciate where the money goes in building one of these. I’m already tempted to buy the new model P1X due out soon.


Simply stunning! No other word to describe it.


post a brief video of how the disc tray opens if u can! Most of us will never see units like this in person!


Yes, “very impressive”… It looks stunning… Well done!! Solidly built doesn’t do it justice, it looks like it is hewn out of massive stone, it would make a brilliant ashlar block … I could just see that adorning the gable end of my house…

I, too, would like to see the loading tray in the open position ?


Something else is heading in my direction…happy days. Will try and post a video of that disc tray later…I could watch that thing open and close all day.