Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)


It looks like it could support your weight if you stood on the loading tray…! “Built like a battleship”


The face plate is CNC machined aluminium billet but it feels like velvet, not like anything I have seen before.


I could believe that! It looks an incredible work of art. I am envious … But I am happy for you.


Craftsmanship at that level has to be impressive for its own sake!!


The face plate feels like it has velvet glued to it…stuffed if I know how they do that sort of surfacing effect with a CNC cutter. Maybe it’s bead blasted after cutting.


I can’t imagine how complex that is to manufacture…the engineering I do is far from precise.


I read that it’s done with a 5-axis CNC machine and each face plate takes 5 hours to cut.


Impressive. Can’t imagine programming that cut on the CNC machine. Lots of cheaper sample cuts before the money…


Downside is I have to press 4 buttons to turn the whole shooting match on. They go to all that effort to build something so luxurious yet don’t give it a trigger jack.

Jeeez, look at the price of it in the UK. I feel sorry for all the HiFi punters in that market.



No trigger?!? Well under the bed it goes, then!


Yeah, I know, time to retire it already. Unfortunately the box is too big to fit under the bed :rofl:


Then you’re just going to have to get used to pushing the buttons, my friend!
Looking forward to your impressions. It does look jewel-like in the pictures.


The sound is captivating. I’ve never heard anything like it. I’m not one to listen to a CD from beginning to end, but with this thing I haven’t felt the urge to reach for the remote yet. It makes me want to re-discover every CD in my collection.


Quality and satisfaction has a way of making one forget about the purchase price, doesn’t it?


Yes. I can see where the money goes in building these speakers and other things. Getting what you pay for makes the price paid disappear as an after-thought. But, I couldn’t stretch the love to paying UK prices. Good for me however, I can flip it to a UK buyer come the time to upgrade. I’ve been selling my surplus stuff into the UK/EU and other international markets for more than what I paid for new, or at break-even. Australia is a good market to exist in for owning this stuff. That is, if you don’t feel the need to demo something at a dealer when deciding.


And for the benefit of those who might be night vision challenged…

The next upgrade will be one Esoteric Grandioso D1X either side of the pre-amp.


Mr. B…Does Magico use under hung driver technology?


Yes. Their driver technology is discussed here:


I thought so. Underhung drivers are an amazing speaker tech. Distortion levels are so low that the music can be heard as intended with a natural rendering of the musical information. It seems to bring a calming effect to the ear.


That is the fundamental consideration of my whole installation. Hardware choices for minimal distortion. I suspect my stereo system if measured as a whole - being one with a coned speaker certainly - would be the lowest distortion of any home stereo system in the world.