Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)


With the Pronto Pro I’ve sort-of got my Kaleidescape syncronizing with the Esoteric player so I can display the rich graphical UI of album and track names on the display as the CD plays on the Esoteric. With a little programming effort and using an IR repeater it might be quite workable.


Mr B, if I hopped on the Esoteric train ride it would cost me much more than you quoted! As I don’t own any Esoteric equipment to start with – I’d require the whole shebang, the equivalent of $125,000+ US over here in the UK…

I would buy the P-1X, D1 mono DACs, G-01 master clock… And, if I did buy all that equipment together (tempted after looking at your photos!) I would ask for a sizeable discount and, when one considers the mark-up on said equipment, the dealership would still be quids in… Yes, that photo looks wonderful - all those shiny, lustrous monoliths…. :heart_eyes:


P1 is 33,000 GBP. P1X is 50% more expensive. Plenty of wriggle room for the dealer to sharpen their pencil. Or you could just buy from me.
p.s. you’d be better off with the G1 clock, not G-01.


I’d factored in extra for the P-1X… G1…OK, it’s a G1I need… The cost of shipping and the Dick Turpin’s at UK customs it would still cost a fortune!!


Indeed it will. Cheaper for you to emigrate down under and buy one here. Join the queue in Indonesia and come May (after the election) get on the boat and you’ll be set for life. There are Somali refugees here driving around in new Toyota Landcruisers.


I used to travel regularly to the US and at one time it was half the price in the US compared to rip-off Britain… I used to bring a pile of stuff home, just remove labels from clothes, etc… It would be a “Tad” difficult to fly over to Japan or Australia and bring the Esoteric’s back on the plane…! I’d have to bulk book seats !!! Bloody heavy luggage……!


Esoteric is voltage specific. You won’t get one in Japan or the US that is 230V.
You’d get a Grandioso P1 as checked baggage…32kg/piece weight limit. You wouldn’t get a K1 on-board as that is >32kg (no separate power supply).


I was only being daft… I didn’t intend to bring Esoteric’s home with me from overseas… At customs handed a plastic tray: keys, phone, belt, loose change, Esoteric P-1X…:grinning:


Declare it as a CD player, 200 quid, you might get lucky.


You never know… Girl lifts a pamphlet turns a few pages and looks at a photo of Esoteric equipment, that’s more my kind of luck :grin:


My guess is that those of us who are most happy /least bummed with the DMP said this exact thing when we started using the DMP. Then I just kept using it that way and didn’t worry about the rest of it. But I also didn’t care about either playing cuts or cover art.

If someone comes over and wants to listen to cuts…well, that’s another deal ; )


The Esoteric remote can build a playlist programme - whatever tracks in whatever order - and send it to the player. So whilst I might listen to a CD from beginning to end, it’s rather trivial to get it to do something else if I wanted to. My only gripe thus far are the size of the buttons on the remote, which are small and tightly packed. I really need to get the programming transferred to the Pronto. Oh, and not having trigger on/off control. It is very refreshing and stress free now having a disc player that does exactly what it’s told to do. Everything works exactly as intended. Whether you pay $40 or $40,000 or whatever for something - everything should work as intended.


Of course, for almost any disc spinner, a playlist/reordering of the disc in the drive is not a capability that was typically expected, or even desired, perhaps until recently.

As someone who has worked on albums, the sequencing of tracks is a big deal, and the notion that the end user could dick with it is, well…whatever. Reminds me of friends who have received my Holiday Music CDs over the Years (carefully sequenced) and subsequently stuck 5 of them in a multi-CD player and put it on Shuffle (shudder). ; )

This may be a conflation of server and physical disc capability. Which I feel. Lot of stuff happening in both of those areas.


We agonize over track sequencing as well as how much silence there is between tracks.


Yup. Hard to imagine for some, but the gap is a big deal. The first note of the Next Track has to happen when you want it to.


That’s an interesting part of the production side of music that end users linke me never considered but is definitely an important piece of the experience.


It is astounding how different a recording feels if the amount of silence is not right.

Good conductors also take advantage of silence between movements when performing a symphony, how long they hold there arms up at the end of a piece, etc. Controlling silence is critical.


I can see where the length of the silence in beats, etc. would become an integral part of the music. Cool.

Being a mechanical engineer I can see how it would add to the “overall structure” for lack of a more correct term.


Man, are you right about that for both sequencing and gap. You have to swallow sufficiently before you take the next bite. And who doesn’t sip the wine before the first forkful?


Some times silence is in beats, such as as grand pause in symphonic piece.

In performance, and on CD or a record, the silence is not a number of beats but is manipulated to set mood, give one time to reflect, is so short you feel hurled into the next movement which creates excitment, etc. One can manipulate the listener’s emotions to a remarkable degree is well as influence the perception of the music itself.

Another related example is the care that was used in choosing the first track of the B side of an LP. This is as important as the first track on side A because the listener needs to get up and flip the record. It is as if they are starting a new record as well as continuing to listen to the same LP.

All of these things matter. These are just a few examples as to why I do not find random play satisfying on any level.