Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)


Interesting. Its the connection between art and science.Thanks.


Yup. For anyone not grasping the concept, the next time friends come over for beers, hand them their favorite in a bottle, and then hand them the same bev decanted into a glass. Musical Metaphor ; )

Sort of a Meta-Metaphor. : )


Yes. Recorded music is manipulation on many levels.


Random play drives me nuts



The notes do not happen other than with respect to the silences between them.

Why this is happening in the Magico Magic Thread, I have no idea : )

One of those random meandering Cat things…


BTW, Brod, yer system ain’t all that, despite its massive ongoing cost.:see_no_evil:


So sorry…not worthy…


I’d like to know why, on Alt-J “The Is All Yours” , track 13 has 5 minutes of silence right in the middle of it. So annoying.


Not that massive, compared to some others around. And it is about where I want it to be, with a few small things yet to come.


Mr Elephant tested it, no trouble at all.


As I recall, it was one of those sort of Easter Egg deals. If you hang out until the Side ends, you get rewarded ; )


Lil’ Tiny elephant mass loading your arm yields sonic benefits.


I was petrified at getting elephant dust in the Grandioso gizzards, so no sonic assessment was made.

Speaking of dust, I need to come up with a protocol for my CD cleaning and storage etc to keep any dust out of the machine.


The reward comes earlier on that album, tracks 8, 9 and 10. Probably the best 3 in a row of any album past or present…anyway, nothing better comes to mind.


Alt J rocks.

When I moved here, the DMP’s rectangular drawer opening (never mind the drawer itself) was furred with dust.

Different climate.


Yep. At Red Rocks, CO. I have the concert on Blu Ray. One of the best recorded concerts in my collection.


As I recall, “Dust in the Machine” is a Sting or Police record… : )


…which I’m guessing does not play on the DMP.

Wait - aren’t you on the other side of the Globe? Gotta be late there. Or are you currently in a home in this hemisphere?


I am in a honeymoon state of Grandiose audionirvana enlightenment.

And as to what played in DMP and what didn’t. Good luck with that. If I wanted something to play properly, it was played in my Kaleidescape.


This is the first time you noticed an off-topic post in this thread?