Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)


Dirk… you crack me up! :joy:


Laughing out loud. So funny.


A classic, Dirk!


Just curious, does Magico or Esoteric have a great forum like PS Audio?


Not a company facilitated forum. Just an owners forum.


Good grief, here we go again. Another Magico delivery just landed on my door step. Those boxes are BIG. Happy days. First step is to pass the Elephant test. Confirm passed.


Talk about overkill on the packaging…but that’s Magico. Overkill everything.
What’s seen there is worth as much as a pair of Magico A3 speakers :cry:

It 'aint no boomerang. It converts my Magico M3 speaker footings from 4 spikes to 3 pods.


I need to work out how to go from this:


To this:


Magico Man, I wouldn’t expect anything less, but you do realise elephant epoch is woolly mammoth … You always have to be constantly outdoing all forum members – trailing behind you, even down to the historical significance of the elephant. That said, elephants walked across the Alps but you can’t get your one to even lift a speaker for you ? Nothing Magico about that…! :wink:


He/she/it would. But the white cotton gloves that were supplied for speaker manipulation purposes don’t fit his/her/its trunk.


So Magico failed ? The speakers will be more stable now on three spikes with no micro-rocking across the corners ?


Each speaker weighs 320 lbs so good luck with upsetting any micro-instability whether they are on pods or spikes, carpet or concrete.


It will always be more stable on 3 spikes. 4 spikes, regardless of weight, one is always on the verge of rocking…?


I’m not so certain about that. The 4 spike arrangement is embedded in concrete at some ridiculous PSI at point of contact. The 3 pods will be sitting on carpet, i.e. not embedded in concrete. I suspect the 3 pods will be slightly more micro-unstable than the 4 spikes.


I would prefer 3… Why do you think a theodolite is on a tripod ?


A theodolite sits on 3 legs with spikes embedded in ground. Fundamentally different to 3 pods sitting on an ample thickness of carpet.


NO - No: Not bedded in the ground. Building work at my place and it was sitting on concrete but it doesn’t matter if the surface isn’t 100% level because the contact area is in a triangle… Same as an artist easel… Why do Magic supply a 3 point option ? Anyway, if you aren’t convinced then why buy 3 point option…


Ground, concrete, asphalt, pixie dust or whatever. Take the spikes off the theodolite tripod and just sit the 3 tripod leg stumps on a piece of carpet and underlay and see how accurate your theodoliting becomes.

When the 3 point option sits on a solid surface, then its stable. When it’s floating on carpet, which gets compressed to different depths in various ways, that’s different. I bought them just to try. No harm in trying, unless it falls on me during the installation :tired_face:


Leave them for a few days so that they settle into the carpet before you reject them. Why not sit them on three spiked supports… They will settle into the carpet pile after a few days.


Magico don’t give you the option of a 3 spike installation system with this speaker.