Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)


The confusion was that I thought you were intending to fit spikes… I didn’t look properly at the photos. I thought the domed pad was removable for spike installation… Not being versed on the complexities of Magico speaker supports… I would give them a few days to settle into the pile of the carpet. I realise they weigh a metric ton but they will still make a big cup in the carpet… The hand grenade pins I thought were for removing the cups…


The hand grenade pins get removed when the speakers are in their final position, and the internals then become free to do what they do. To move the speakers the pins need to go back in.


They look quality… But bloody expensive…


That’s right, but just about every pair of M3 sold by Magico has shipped with the optional MPOD 3-point stands. I ordered mine without (because I’m poor). I’ve had to ask Magico for instructions to do the conversion. It isn’t a straight forward task.


POOR :joy::rofl: POOR is eating at soup kitchens… You are far from POOR !!!


I can recommend the soup kitchen on Mariner of the Seas…it’s outstanding. And all you can eat too. Perfect for poor people like me.


We are spoiled… WE spend fortunes on stuff we don’t really need and there are poor souls living in the gutter…


There have been many changes to my system over the past 2 months. New speakers. New cables. New equipment footers. New electronics. And now a new speaker footer system. Once that is installed I’ll give the whole shooting match time to find its new equilibrium. That will probably take another month or 2. I listen at a high rate, the system is probably on 10+ hours per day on average, so I burn through break-in time quite quickly. I don’t needlessly leave the system on and continuously playing to speed up the burn-in process. I don’t use burn-in discs. I enjoy the experience of hearing the hardware evolve over time. It’s all new stuff ex factory and it takes time and patience before it all starts singing properly. When that is done, given I’m now increasingly entrenched in the better Esoteric stuff, the new Grandioso D1X mono-DAC will find its way here. The surplus stuff is almost all sold now, I only have the Magico Q3 speakers left to find a new home. They will be a good buy for someone.

Oh, I’m listening to Passenger “Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea” album as I type this and I’m 99% sure he’s in the room here treating me to a private performance. It’s all coming together nicely. And the kids haven’t even noticed the new disc spinner yet.


Well I am happy that your are happy.
Believe it or not I am currently sitting in a restaurant in St. Andrews eating a bowl of scotch broth… All the talk about soup …!


I can’t wait to get back to my favorite soup kitchen. Best New England Clam Chowder this side of Newport Rhode Island.


The top pic looks like a box of hand grenades. Better not pull the pins!


Like hand grenades, you need to pull the pin at some point for it to work.


Do you ever sleep ? It must be 3am Tuesday at your side of the world.


Yes, I have a debilitating long-term chronic sleep disorder. I rarely sleep more than an hour at a time, no more than 4 hours total per day.

Magico have been in contact. They are writing a manual specifically for converting an M3 from spikes to pods. As I mentioned, it probably hasn’t happened much before as most customers order the pods with their speakers, and they ship pre-installed. I’ll be the test bunny for the new manual.


As someone who struggles with sleep, my deep sympathy!!


That makes 3 of us.


I used to do 4 hours a night as well. Then I started running regularly,
lost 20 pounds (9kg), now I get 6 hours of good sleep every night.


Magico M2 coming. More budget friendly than its bigger siblings.


What only $50k?


US$56K on spikes. US$63.6K on pods (as pictured).

They really cut back on the weight. 165 lb. Most of the internal steel bracing structures are gone.