Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)


And the same handful of people on that other forum will be standing in line for the “next great” Alon Wolf masterpiece. And they will have Valin and Myles Astor drooling in print about them to egg them on along with that forum owner. Several other speakers I would rather own but you Magico guys keep lining Alon’s pockets with his almost endless stream of updates and upgrades.


That’s right, they are very progressive on their new models and upgrades. The basic structure of the product line-up is quite fundamental. A. S. or M. From there you choose the most appropriate size. 1/2/3/5/7. Occasionally trickle down technology makes its way to Mk2 versions. Every product in the line-up suits a particular purpose.



I am completely familiar with Alon’s speaker line up and history and also of the same two reviewers who also have them in their systems at below dealer pricing raving over and justifyi every thing Magico releases. There is reviewer from another publication that does the same thing with Tekton speakers to the point that he appears to be more a paid employee than a objective reviewer. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a group of product owners spend so much time and effort justifying the cost of a group of products from a single manufacturer. Close are the Raidho/Borrensen and Solution fan clubs.


The first published review of the DMP that came out said it was “flawless”. I take whatever they say with a big pinch of salt. In this case I own Magico so I have formed my own opinion and can correlate this against what reviewers and others might say, whatever their own nefarious reasons for saying what they might say.


If a buyer is happy with their purchase for whatever reason(s) then the price is justified.


Can’t we say the same for PSA, Apple, Tesla or many other companies? Heck PSA has a new DAC, Power units, Speakers, and even a steamer about to hit the market. I know quite a few people here that are lining up to get their hands on them.

I personally don’t see anything wrong with it.


For many brand loyalty appears to be part of the fun.

Ford! Chevy!


2-person balancing act required.





What’s happening … Is this another development or just more photos from the other day when you installed the new parts…


The new parts are still in the box. Magico produced the conversion manual over night. I can’t do the job by myself. The pics are cut from the manual, not of my actual speakers.

(Magico has changed the name of the feet on my speakers from spiked Mpods to M-Feet).


Ok… got it . You should, or maybe you are, part of their R&D…


They’ve just done this manual for me, but I guess there might be others to follow. As I said, most M3 speakers are ordered and ship with Mpods so there is little demand for the conversion procedure. It only applies to poor people like me who ordered the standard M-Feet with their speakers. And those who ordered with basic spikes before the M-Feet were invented.


You always make me laugh with the poor-me !! As if your speakers were starter models for beginners…! Kit build.


I did not know that Magico speakers were made in the USA.


Some parts are sourced from elsewhere. The cabinets for A-series are made in China, the carbon fiber panels for M-series are made in Canada, some of the drivers for the older model (and maybe some current model) speakers are made in Israel.


Thanks for clearing that up. I was surprised to see the Made in USA embossed in the connection panel. I actually thought they were Italian for some reason. Not that I would spend that much $ on a set of speakers at this time. I obviously had never researched the brand.


The problem with having so much stuff is so many boxes. All these in less than a week. If only there was one box that did everything!


Great system you have there!
Oh Man, you need extra room for empty boxes and packing material I guess. I put up for years with boxes to throw them away in the end. But I prefer to keep them, in case…


That is what your loft/ceiling space or shed is for. Or in a pinch the spare bathroom!


Yeah, but that is full already…at least under the bed space is available now.