Magico Magic (and unrelated matters)


Actually, I haven’t even turned on the projector since I bought the M3 speakers. I just sit in that room with the lights off enjoying the music without feeling any need to pollute it with a picture. Al-be-it a pretty good picture from the JVC X9900 and Stewart screen. I don’t have the Lumagen Radiance Pro 4446 video processor any more, I sold it together with DMP and DSJ which paid for a sizeable chunk of the new speakers. Hopefully I can sell my Magico Q3 speakers soon which should wholly pay for the new Esoteric disc spinner.


You’re a wacky rich dude - have fun…


Actually, selling old stuff to help pay for the new stuff means a simple guy like me who collects a welfare check every week can indulge in the occasional nicety.


A funny wacky rich dude too…


Crazy rich audiophiles they are! Regardless of how modest some of these folks think they are, they’re way above my (former) paygrade!


During one of our chats you said you were undecided about your next source component ? You were waiting to check out the competition, etc… So you have now made a cast-iron decision and you are going with said Grandiso P1X .

What about the Grandiso mono block dacs ? I heard them and they are a STEP UP from your Japanese Walmart version. The mono block dacs are the ones I would buy if Ted wasn’t building his TSS.

Grandiso build quality is on another level. You could stand a tank on top of the casework to change the tracks !!


I am drawn to Carrera marble as many sculptures of the Renaissance, particularly Michelangelo’s works, were carved from Carrera marble.


Until the dealer can get stock allocation out of Esoteric Japan he can’t give me a price or take an order on the P1X. I’m undecided on what to buy until I know the price. If I was to sell my Esoteric N-01 then I would replace it with D1X and N-03T.


Ok… just when you said only 2 months to go; - I thought it was a done deal ! But if stock is in short supply - then there’s not much else you can do except wait it out.


That was P1…Esoteric have since announced its replacement P1X with the new design VRDS-Atlas optical drive. So I need to wait it out until the new model ships, likely Feb 2019.


Something new is coming to Magic land…

My guess, M2…and a wild guess at price…$55K.


Yes. Of course. Now that I think of it you did mention the latest, newly designed PX1 in a previous post And, did you not post a picture of the new drive ? Honestly, it is difficult to keep up with your HiFi machinations… You are like an industry unto yourself !!

Does the PX1 trounce the P1 ? Or are you only going by the opinions of others who have their own vested interests i.e. extricating you of money ?


Not a machination. A well considered upgrade path approach. I was always going to wait until the Tokyo Show when I was thinking about a replacement for DMP. Esoteric was due to replace the Grandioso P1, and sure enough they announced the new model P1X. They have completely redesigned the 16 year old VRDS optical drive…the weight of the optical drive alone is now over 6kg.

The P1X will sound better than P1, otherwise Esoteric wouldn’t build it. There are no review samples anywhere yet. I think it was only on a powered-on static display in Tokyo last month.


I was only jesting. I didn’t for a second think you just pulled it all out of the air.

How much does the PX1 cost. Has the priced increased to match the increased performance. I do hope it arrives in February for you…


List price in Japan is 3.5 million JPY…slightly north of $30K US, which is about the same price as the model it replaces. It’s a lot of money to spin a disc, but still significantly cheaper than the tricked up MSB SACD transport (which I think uses an OPPO optical drive).


Really sweet system Brodric… I have found speaker selection to be completely a personal kind of thing. I have had several sitdowns with the Wilson Alexandria XLFs / Sonus Faber Stradivari / B&W 802D3 /Magnepan 20.7… Of which I chose the Magnepan - just because I like planar kind of sound… I couldn’t afford a couple of the others - but that really doesn’t bother me… I was not a fan of the Wilsons … was expecting to see god - and when he didn’t show up - I was disappointed. Then realized after the 3rd sit down - that I was missing some lower mids or something … bass great/high end great/upper mids great… lower mids- not so much… So, how do the Magicos compare to other brands you have listened to - and have you had an opportunity to do that comparison -as I know some of us live in ‘challenged’ areas…


That’s right…I went from Coincident Technology PRE speakers, which have the best mid-range articulation and imaging that I had yet heard, to Wilson Sophia v3. The mids on the Wilson just weren’t there in comparison. The Wilson is a fine speaker, but it just doesn’t have the sonic completeness that the Magico family of speakers has.

I’ve now owned the full set of Magico “3” size - S, Q and M series (I don’t include A in the completeness definition however) - and I like them all, and I’d be happy with any of them.

M3 is not challenged at anything, it has no weaknesses (unless you like rock music insanely deep and heavy).

The best value speaker I have owned is Definitive Technology BP10. Anyone on a tight budget, if you can find a used pair of those they will serve you well.


I just ordered the optional Mpods for my M3 speakers.

It is mind boggling how the optional footers for the M3 cost as much as a set of Magico A3 speakers.


Do they make the speakers work that much more better to justify their ridiculously high price ? I thought the cabinets were inert on the Magico speakers. Is your floor not set in concrete… So is it just to do with better stability, and, dumping energy to ground… ?


The kids ain’t going to be happy about that…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: