Magnepan 3.7i vs 20.7

If I had just a little more room I’d buy them. I’ve had Maggies on the mind lately but no place to put them where they can be out from the walls.

I have my 3.7i for sale as the dealer now changed the upgrade policy. So I am buying the 20.7 from a different dealer and selling my like new 3.7i. I feel my asking price is fair. PM me if interested.

Question maybe someone can offer some knowledge here. Has anyone compared the 20.7 to the Martin Logan CLX Art? I have not heard either speaker, so I was curious to see if anyone has?

Not quite, but I did extensively compare the Summit-X to the 20.7’s. I wrote a lengthily review of my saga on the Audiogon forum at the time because, like you, I couldn’t find a decent comparison elsewhere. if you’re interested:

I did take the opportunity to listen to the CLX’s, but not in a direct comparison. Outside the budgetary range. FWIW: bigger stators, so a smoother and more fleshed-out midrange and midbass than the Summit-X. More detailed midrange than the 20.7’s (they are stats, after all). Can be played at lower spl levels and still be “satisfying.”

They do not have that satisfyin’ bass punch that only comes from a big planar surface moving lotsa air. They require subwoofer to get the last octave. This may simplify room placement, but the subs have to be carefully considered so you don’t lose the uncanny coherency that comes with big maggies.

It would be a tough choice, given that the CLX’s are about twice the cost and require subs.

Overture AV in DE carries both and could set up a comparison for you. If you’re more than curious, it would be worth the trip if you’re on the East Coast.

CLX is definitely worth a listen. If I recall Darren has jlaudio subs all ready.

I had Logan’s all ready and they share a house sound across the product. They will let you hear the minute detail. They have a cleaner sound. But I’d say the mags own the body and mid bass. My opinion - and the ribbon is smooove.

Darren - if you can get out to listen to CLX - do it. It’s the only way you will know

I do have JL Audio sub pair, and I am leaning heavily towards the 20.7. Just curious tho.

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I don’t think you will be upset with that decision.

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Would anyone who has had or owns Magnepan rather have an older IRS Beta setup? I ask out of curiosity.

I have never heard them. But if the emits are the same as the ones in my infinity’s back in the late 70/80s - I would gather they are tough to come by. I prob burned up 5 mid ranges and 1 emit in my day. :). College years … things got better when I got a bigger amp. No idea about the IRSVs - but the infinity quantum line I think was a difficult load - or just real inefficient. But I still loved em

I don’t care for the management style at Magnepan at all. Due to this I am thinking, maybe wonder from the forest.

They are a small company. They try to maintain rules regarding their dealer network. I know people that have gotten around those rules. They support products that are very old and repanel them at reasonable costs.

People do have issues with their ‘call us’ approach vs email.

So it is up to you really. I’m no shill. I just like the product and service. I also like that they are small and built here. Not owned by a conglomerate.

I ended up buying mine from a different dealer as the one I originally dealt with kept screwing things up.

Sound Lab speakers are now on my radar

Haha. Let us know if you hear them. I never have.


Have you looked at GT Audio Works built in NJ?

@darrenv1070. @timm is spot on. I live 15 miles from the factory. FYI. There are a number of used 20.7’s out there the past year from 8K to 10k. If you don’t like the color it would cost around 400 to 600 to reclothe and put on different metal strips on the edges. Talk to the factory direct about this service. I would not be fearful of buying used. The problem is in the shipping. They are beasts. They are big and hard to ship. I would probably pick the speakers up and drive them home if you found some used ones near you.

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No I have not. I will tho for sure

Does anyone know what the sonic difference is between the older 20.1 vs the 20.7?

I’d say a tad more coherent and a bit better bass. I’ve never heard the 20.1 biamped though.

I wonder why magnepan got rid of the bi amping? Too bad.

They changed the crossover which apparently added other improvements (like better bass). If you have looked - the crossover on the .1 is an external box - the .7 is internal - and I believe they went to a series crossover??? But - yes - fun to tweak with a biamp approach.