Magnepan sock color opinion poll

I have a pair of .7’s in my little basement dungeon listening room. Room is kinda dark, and it’s really just a place for a one-person session, but the room can occasionally be used for movies, video games, etc… (Movie/game audio doesn’t come out of the maggies. We’re not big home-theater folks.)

Anyway, I did a little photoshop comparison of the sock colors. Trim pieces and bases are walnut. What would you go with?

  1. Natural (as is)
  2. Black
  3. Gray (I think the gray in my photoshop is a little more steely blue than it probably is but you get the idea)


I have a pair of .7s in black but in your room, I’d go with the natural color.


If you want to see them/look at them, cream; do not want to see them, black.


For that room mocha.

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Black. The hidden music source.

as-is / cream, definitely :slight_smile:

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If you really want your speakers to “disappear” , sonically and physically, go black. I would pick cream, because I like the way they look.


I agree with those who say that not drawing your attention to the source of the sound with a bright color is preferable, especially as they’re such a large area. On the other hand, my favorite color is blue, and I like how they look with the wall color. And it is then both colored and dark, so isn’t as distracting.

I got a pair of LS50 Metas recently, and wanted the blue ones even though they don’t match anything, but they weren’t available. So I got black, which matches the rest of my gear. In that case however, they have the copper-colored drivers :man_shrugging:t2:

We have what you call First-World Problems.

Many moons ago I owned SMGa’s with natural color fabric and, my memory may be a bit hazy, oak trim. You have walnut, were I to own your .7’s I would stick with what you have because I’m of the opinion a natural color sock works best with natural wood trim.

has anyone ever tried dyeing these? :thinking:

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I have not, but the thought was to purchase a spare pair of socks and do just that. I’ve not had Maggies since the early 80’s.

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if it’s not obvious, they are already in the room in cream. (I didn’t photoshop all the photos)

So, the reason I’m putting this out there is that I feel like they’re a little too noticeable in cream. I like the mocha idea. Dyeing them brown definitely holds some appeal.

Other speakers can be works of art, or attractive furniture. i think of my Harbeths on homemade stands in my living room. I love the look of those.

But magnepans are fabric panels. Not particularly interesting, artistic or stylish, in my opinion, especially these single panel ones. They look like cubicle dividers, frankly.

Replacement socks come in cream, gray or black from magnepan. Any other color would need to be home-brewed.


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I painted the walls in my basement with a textured paint that can best be described as cream/natural. I leaned to natural when I bought my 3.7is but my wife talked me into black using the argument they’d be less prone to showing dirt over time. I’m happy with the black. In your room I’d be incline to go with black.

leaning that way. :+1:

Just ordered a set of Maggies in Black but like others I like the Natural (Cream) in your room judging by the photos. Don’t think you could go wrong with either though

Here’s Mongo being a wierdo, as usual…
I kinda like the way the gray looked. My Tympani 1s had cream socks, and my SMGas had black with oak endcaps.


I’d say black.

Always thought it would be cool to tie-dye a pair of socks…if I had a dedicated music room…and Maggies (I had LRS’s, but they didn’t fit me).


Ran over to Magnepan this morning and picked up a pair of black socks. (Factory is like 15 minutes from my house.)

Haven’t decided if I’ll try to dye the off-white ones into some interesting color for an application down the road or what.

Anyway, further updates as events warrant.

Rumor has it there are eleventy gazillion staples in each speaker. :crazy_face:

Yes. That is what I understand. If you go on planar asylum on audioasylum there are guys that have done this and might be able to help if needed