Marantz na6005 trouble playing 192khz

Yesterday i tryed qobuz to compare with tidal i have used for a while now, but i cant stream 192khz without it stops to buffer every 2-3 seconds.
It works fine when i cap it to 96khz and the specs shows its capable of 24bit/192khz.
What could be wrong?
Its connected wired with a cat6 cable and it should have atleast 600mbit from my router.

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Hi Emil and welcome to the site.
I do not have experience with that particular machine but anytime I have had dropout issues they are usually related to network bandwidth. If you have some way to setup a buffer in the playback chain that should help.

I recommend that you try to connect a computer to the network wire and run a speed test. I suspect that you are not getting the speed that you think you are.

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Hi thanks for your time to all of you.
I just hooked up my laptop to the ethernet cable from na6005 and it shows 92,75mbps download (my laptop can handle up to 100mbps) and 69,2 upload.
I also tryed to use another cat6 cable with same results.

How can i set up a buffer?
Im streaming by phone or tablet to the na6005.

That speed test looks good given the 100mbps limit of the laptop. The next step would be to check the network settings on the streamer. It may be configured to use WIFI instead of ethernet.

Earlyer this day i did a factory reset and connected it cabled, then i tryed 2 cables with same result.
I also tried wifi but thats almost the same.
We have no problems streaming movies in 4k by wifi.

That’s interesting. Maybe there is something wrong with the ethernet connection on the streamer itself. Since you can stream 4K over WIFI (I am assuming the location of the device that streams 4K is in close proximity to the streamer), then what happens if you connect the streamer to your WIFI network?

This is the screen in Roon device setup where you can setup a buffer. I dont know another way to do it based on your setup there. You might see if you can reduce the number of background apps running on the laptop to see if it helps.

The bottom two settings here might help too.

There may be a misunderstanding as this isnt my main language.
When i stream movies its by the built in app on my lg tv, which is about 6 meters from the router with walls in the way.
My marantz is about 1.5 meters from the router.
On the picture my na6005 is the black one on the left side, and my router is all the way to the rigth side.

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Hi baldy.
I dont know much about roon but it seems like its compress it am i right?
I use mconnect on my android phone.

There might be something wrong with the na6005, i just tryed playing the same 24/192 on my avr marantz nr1608 with no trouble on wifi.

Maybe the 6005 simply cant process the high resolution stream fast enough?
I dont use Mconnect so I cant help with that app.

Nice looking stereo setup.

Thank you.
Ive also asked on a danish forum about it, a freind there have 2 na6005 and he dont have the same problem as i do, so i think mine got a problem of some kind.
Its sad because it sounds alot better than my avr, even on 24/96.

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