Mconnect control reliability streaming Tidal

…on several occasions. I contacted Convers Digital and they suggested I update the firmware. I responded that I have updated to 3.4.5 and that it hasn’t helped. They came back with this:

There is new version of firmware later than 3.4.5.

Please contact PS Audio about the release schedule.

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Conversdigital support

True? Release schedule?

Thanks! Chris V

How did you go with your issue , the latest is 3.51 although you may know that by now .
I looked at your post because of the same issue , in my case it was doing ok playing from my Melco but not playing Spotify which is in the latest download , I new something was up a week or so ago as the connection to the Bridge II was given various names , Bridge II ,Directstream Dac , and finally ConversDigital or an abbreviation of that , then finally no connection to Spotify , and no amount of rebooting of everything produce a result . So this morning I uninstalled RedCloud and then reinstalled , works like a charm , and fast .
This is the reason I like computer audio it keeps you involved like it or not.

I’m currently at 3.5.1, which I have been for a few months. Nothing improved, but different from your situation. After the update, I still had stuttering, dropouts, pauses, skips and stops. I say “had” because I’ve been using Roon exclusively for streaming Tidal to my DSJr, and it has been highly reliable. I will be upgrading my internet connection (getting new modem) and looking at going to a Gigabit router (currently 100 MB), and may try M(dis)Connect again. For now, I’m cool with Roon.

I’ve done enough complaining about Mcontrol that I should share that my recent cable modem/router (gigabit) upgrade seems to have quelled the issues. I went an entire evening with none of the problems I’ve noted in the past. I still prefer Roon, which has always been reliable, but it’s no longer essential. I have 8 months of my 1-year Roon subscription left to decide whether to keep it, or if I’ll be running Octave by then. :grin:
Happy listening.

I had these same issues regardless of what i tried, even with roon, then i ditched my phone, galaxy 8s, and all problems stopped…i use ipad or macbook pro core to control…zero probs

That’s a very useful update. I usually use my phone (was iPhone 6S Plus, now iPhone 8 Plus), but will try it with my iPad instead. I kind of “jumped the gun” on claiming that all was well. I’ve actually had a few of the same issues, but much less frequently. Maybe once every two listening sessions which are usually about 90-120 minutes.


Using Roon is fine and all, but it is a compromise in sound quality in my opinion. To get the best of Tidal, i.e. Tidal Masters, you must use the Control app. Now, if Master (MQA) doesn’t float ones boat, so be it. Then I would say, use whatever is most reliable. The Control app did push an update about a month ago. I am not sure it has improved reliability at this point - too early for me to say.

I have used my iPad and still experienced the dismal reliability with the Control app. I am not sure what Macbook Pro Core refers to, but aside from using the ConversDigital Control app, there is no other way to get Master streams on the DirectStream DAC. This is because the MQA processing occurs on the Bridge II and that is a ConversDigital product. Now there may be some “hack” to use another software product through the Control app, but I have no experience with such. I do know that Tidal played via the software on a Mac or PC will not fully unfold MQA.

Thanks for noting the Mcontrol app update, which I now see in the App Store. I’ll update today, and cross my fingers (with skepticism) for tonight.

I don’t care much either way re: MQA but wanted to correct this statement as it is incorrect. Roon (interesting 2nd n added by forum) does allow passing the MQA stream on through to the Bridge II for unfolding. No DSP whatsoever can be applied in Roon for this to occur however.

Would you still say that mcontrol sounds better then Roon? Comming from other hardware (Mytek Manhattan 2) it seems i come to the same conclusion.

I cannot say as I have not used Roon and therefore have no basis for comparison. I no longer use Mconnect/Bridge II as it was bested by Audirvana+ in my system.