MConnect Iphone Volume Control

Hi Folks,

I have the Mconnect Control App on my iphone. My issue is everytime I take a phone call on the iphone and hang up the volume on the DAC goes to 0 and then i have to turn the same back up - quite annoying.
Is there anyway i can disable the iphone controlling the DAC volume ?


What’s up echoz? I just tested it with TJ for a while and we were only able to make it happen once. If he accepted the call and then hung up, the volume stayed the same. It only dropped the volume down to 0 when he missed it. However, we tested it a few times, and it only happened once. I also don’t see anything in the app that allows you to disable volume control.

Thanks for trying this out
It’s the reverse that I can repro the issue with make a call from the iPhone - talk - disconnect and volume reduces to 0.
Spotify had a way to control this in their settings, mconnect doesnt.
Would be great if they could add it - I tried calling them but I guess they were gone for the day.

With it being this variable, I wonder if it’s something to do with the version you have or your phone. We tested on a 7 running IOS 13 beta, and the latest MConnect software.

Hi Jamesh - no variability at my end in terms of consistently reproing the issue when i call someone - talk - disconnect, volume drops to 0.
I have an iphone 10 running ios 12.4.

Does it still do it if you’re receiving a call?

OK re-tested all 3 scenarios:

  1. Incoming Call - i cancel - all good . Sound does not drop to 0
  2. Incoming Call - i pick up - all. Sound does not drop to 0
  3. Outgoing Call - I call - talk -hang up - Sound DOES drop to 0

Interesting. What if you pause the music before you make the call?

Still goes to 0