Mobile Fidelity Quality - Am I just unlucky?

I’ve got that one too, incredible pressing.

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Since someone else was brave enough to ask who GZ is, I’ll ask what VMP is.

Personal experience is everything. It’s why we don’t buy speakers until hearing them. I’ll vow strongly for these releases from VMP (who I don’t categorize as cheap (even as a member), and don’t even know that they were GZ pressed until proven otherwise:

Buena Vista Social Club - S/T
Johnny Cash - Folsom
John Prine - S/T

I wouldn’t be hard pressed to name more (full disclosure: I don’t have more than 10 total VMP releases, they are all in the last 2 or so years, and don’t have any professional affiliation with VMP or the audio industry)…but these 3 are completely awesome.

…and two cases of surface noise.

  1. Reba McEntire - Specifically on one song…If I had only known. Deep sad song that is almost too much anyway, but core to the album. Bummer. It’s also the inner most track…candidate for distortion with most tone arms.

  2. ATLiens by Outkast. Funny, they use a vinyl clip in the mix. Non-issue.

The only reason I initially brought up VMP, is because it’s FLAT…AF. At least with my 10 or so in the last couple years. :slight_smile:

Here’s this:

…so all GZ is incorrect, though apparently the majority. Anyway, cheers! Wonder if there are any markings that tell the owner where it was “born”.