Mohinder the Gardner


So Dick and Sally both got big career promotions and went out and purchased all the toys and including their dream house estate.

The front and back yards were huge. Not knowing any local help they hung a sign on the front gate “Gardner Needed”.

The next day a gentleman rang their bell and introduced himself as “Mohinder The Gardener”.

Mohinder got right to work and after a very long day made a magnificent job of cutting and pruning and their property looked beautiful. Dick was very impressed and gave Mohinder a very large TIP and asked him if he knew a painter with equal skills.

“Oh, I am also berry berry number one painter” proclaimed Mohinder. Well Dick then offered him a tidy sum to go and paint his back porch which was peeling badly.

After a couple of hours Mohinder again rang the bell and declared that the " painting of his porch" had been proudly completed.

Dick was ecstatic and began to walk with Mohinder to the back of the house to inspect the handiwork.

“Just one ting” said Mohinder. “I’m having some small doubt”. "I am thinking that is not a Porch, It is a BMW.

Dick fainted.