More than one digital cable from transport to dac?

Is it ok to run both an XLR digital cable and an RCA digital cable from my Perfectwave transport to my Directstream dac? I am wanting to AB an XLR cable with an RCA cable but I do not want to damage any component and I want an honest comparison of the 2 cables without their being any imbalance with two different digital cables going from my transport to my dac.
Also would in your opinion their be a much difference between a costly pure silver digital RCA cable and a lesser pricey 110 ohm XLR cable which is less costly by nature of the design of the actual cable. I am using the XLR and am enjoying it but I will be trying the more costly pure silver RCA cable. The XLR although nice could be more lively which is why I’m trying the silver RCA. Any advice would be appreciated especially whether or not it is ok to run both cables from my transport to my dac.

You are not going to hurt anything, but to compare the cable types you need to remove all other connections from the DAC so that you are listening to one at a time.

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Sorry to not answering directly your question (i think it should be ok, however i’ll let it to someone more experienced to answer).

However you should try HDMI cable instead of XLR/Cinch as both PWT and DS support I2S via HDMI.
Many people recommend Wireworld Starlight specifically (expensive…) , in my experience any good HDMI cable will do, the difference is very small.

Regarding the digital cable AES/EBU (XLR) vs SPDIF (Cinch) - AES should be superior as it separates data and clock signals, while SPDIF sends data and clock via one channel. Not sure what is the difference between copper and silver in digital chain, i assume the proper impedance and shielding of cable is more important.

Yes, absolutely fine.

Safe to do, and have fun testing. Regardless of which comes out on top, the I2S connection will beat them both out of the water.


Will using a WWPS7 HDMI cable with an Audio Art Statement RCA digital together detract from the sound of the other or would it work from a sonic point of view to run them both at the same time? To get the true nature of both cables should I run one at a time or can I run both at the same time?

To to truly compare the cable types you need to remove all other connections from the DAC so that you are listening to one at a time.

Thanks. I just yesterday put in a Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 HDMI cable and although the Audio Art Statement RCA coax is wonderful I find myself not wanting to remove the WWPS7 HDMI. I find it quite nice. I will try again the AA Statement RCA again as it’s wonderful itself but the Wireworld WOW!!!



People here appreciate specific reviews like this.

Great feedback Mitch, this will be very helpful for many!

AESEBU does not separate signals only I2S does that. It is still spdif format just over a balanced connection.


thanks for correction @sixpack1 , i made a mistake :innocent:

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You are very welcome. I am glad that you did not take offense to my post. I don’t intend to be a smart ass.

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