Morrow Audio Interconnects

Up until now I had always used Blue Jeans or similar interconnects on my system but in the last year I have upgraded my system so I though it was time to try some more serious cables so I ordered some interconnects from Murrow Audio about 10 days ago. These are flat woven cables with no shield I bought these cables for 1/2 price using a promotion they were having when I ordered so I got the three cable sets for $121.35 shipping included

I got the interconnect cables this afternoon and put them into my system -

Rogue Audio RP5 preamp        
PS Audio M700 monoblocks        Morrow MA1 interconnect  2.5m
PS Audio PerfectWave DAC         Morrow MA1 interconnect  0.5m
Onkyo SACD player                        Morrow MA1 interconnect  0.5m

Mac Mini file server                      Beldon USB cable to DAC

ELAC AF61 speakers (using 4s11 Canare speaker wire)
2ea Sumiko s9 subs using a high level feed from the M-700's

I never thought cables would make this kind of improvement but I was WRONG. There is a definite improvement in imaging and the sound seems more refined. I was impressed with the improvement in the sound coming out of my speakers and the cables haven’t even been broken in yet.

I never thought cables could make this kind of difference. This proves you always have to be willing to challenge your preconceived beliefs.


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Around 8 or so years ago I had Audioquest King Cobra interconnects. I tried some of the lowest level Morrow Audio cables. Couldn’t go wrong with a 60 day return policy. The lowest level Morrow Cables, to me at least, stomped on the Audioquest cables. You can argue cables all day - in the end the best way to see if they are any good is to try them out in your system.

Every time I went up the Morrow Audio line I could hear more detail, more music and even background singers I never heard before (on some LPs I’ve owned for 30-40 years). That’s the only problem with the cables - they become addictive. I am level 7 now with the new, silver free, cable design.

Mike Morrow stands behind his product. The cables have a lifetime guarantee no matter what happens. If your pet chews them up, or if you destroy them during cleaning (cough cough…like I did…cough cough) Mike will fix or replace them for free.

I never expected the cables to make as much difference as they did, keep in mind these were the cheapest cable they offer. For years I thought expensive cables were just a gimmick.

Turns out expensive cables may just be a gimmick because these $60 cables ( 0,5 meter) are as good as I could ask for - it’s the best money I’ve spent in a long time.

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I’ve never heard of Murrow. Do you mean Morrow?

I’m afraid I fatfingered that, it is Morrow.


I’ve looked at Morrow in the past but I just don’t agree with their “upgrade” path which basically assumes that more copper is inherently better.

I was on the Morrow Audio cable train also until a couple of months ago. I had gone through the upgrade process and was using the MA-5 and SP-5 interconnects and speaker cables. Initially I was thrilled with the cables but the more I listened the more I felt like they were a bit bright and had a little hardness in the mids. At lower listening levels it wasn’t quite as noticeable, but when the volume went up a little the fatigue level went up quickly. I thought maybe going up the ladder might solve the problem, so I kept moving up the line. I was contemplating moving to the 6 series but it’s a huge jump in cost even with trading in my 5’s so I hadn’t done it.
I ran across a cable company called AudioEnvy out of Fort Collins, CO at this year’s RMAF.
Their cable prices were on par with the mid-level Morrow’s so I decided to order a set of XLR interconnects, speaker cables and a coaxial digital cable (grand total of around $700) for their 45 day trial. Well, I put them up head to head with the Morrow’s and the AudioEnvy cables were clearly better. The midrange hardness is gone, they are more detailed, the timbre is more true, the soundstage is larger. The sound is a bit more recessed than the Morrow’s but all the other characteristics more than make up for it. I am extremely happy with the AudioEnvy cables.
I think the Morrow cables are a great value in their lower series cables. If you get to the point where you’re going to spend any where near the same amount of money, try the AudioEnvy cables for 45 days. I can tell you for sure that I have stopped cable shopping unless I spend an incredible amount of money upgrading equipment first. As a bonus, there’s no more Morrow cable upgrade-itis longing to go to the next level cable.

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For years my favorite budget cables (the only kind I can buy) were from LAT International, but I understand due to health issues the company has been out of business for a while now. I’ve been filling that void with Morrow’s low-to-mid-level offerings, and have been very happy. Sooner or later, I’ll be trading in the melange of others’ cables that fill out my system on Morrows. Their sales promotions and trade policies make it pretty painless.

I’m afraid I’m not confident about Morrow Audio cables. I got suckered into their sales hype. A major reservation I have is that their power cables, interconnects and digital cables are not shielded, which they confirmed with me. The lack of shielding is not a good thing for power cables, interconnects and digital cables. Moreover, when I reverted to using the Audioquest Diamond digital coax cable in place of the Morrow Audio Dig4 digital cable to connect my CD transport to my PS Audio DirectStream DAC, I realized what poor quality the Morrow Audio cable is. I think there is a lot of noise and muffling of sound in their cable due to lack of shielding or proper shielding. The Audioquest is so much more revealing.

Proper breakin is key. We have found that conventional shielding is bad for the sound. Instead, we tightly twist the conductors which provide RFI rejection, much like a conventional shield provides. Give the cables more time, they will soon portray the glorious sound that we are known for. We use several PS Audio products in our reference system where we give our designs the final listen.

I replaced my Audioquest Water XLR interconnects and Rocket 33 speaker cables with the Morrow MA-6 and SP-6 interconnects and speaker cables. I was quite impressed with the soundstage and imaging. Was considering an upgrade of the next level (or two). Morrow has a generous upgrade path/policy. Shall I pull the trigger?

What is a reasonable ratio for speakers value / speaker cable value?

7:1 to 15:1


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My gut feel is that I should not spend more than 30% of speaker value on speaker cables.

I’d say even that is a lot. Most I’d drop the ratio is 5:1 I suppose, which would be 20%. Will get bigger boost by buying better speakers - biggest contributor to sound. Don’t lose forest for trees. Cables are important but keep perspective. With my 15:1 lower end ratio means for sure spend at least 7% (don’t cheap out on cables either - just don’t go bananas).

My opinion only. YMMV

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wow. 30%.

Enjoy those cables!!!

I just recently purchased cables for the analogue part of my system from Audio Sensibility. I liked his theory of cable design. I haven’t received them yet as they were just ordered.

Thank you @kzk

What about spades? :grin: