Should the SGCD show bitrates on usb input?

Hi and happy Thanksgiving! I just started fooling around with my laptop playing dsd songs with foobar. I’m using a USB connection to the SGCD and the music plays, but no information about sample rate appears on the display. Normal?

Interesting question.
Last time I tested foobar2000 via SGCD briefly just to make sure it can play DSD and other PCM files from my old win7 laptop. Did not pay attention to the lcd display.
So, I tested just now. Indeed, test DSD64 file and 44.1 flac file, in either case, my SGCD Display does not show any info about the playback.


Some bitrates show on mine. There is a need for a firmware upgrade. On my unit 352.8 flickers.

I get the bitrates on the other digital inputs. Anyone at PS Audio know if I should or shouldn’t on the usb input?

Did not see flicking bitrate info on my SGCD (Version: CPU / FPGA 1.04.)

But, I was only testing foobar2000 via USB on SGCD. Not actually use it as main streaming source.

Just curious “352.8” I am guessing you are playing DSD128 (double rate) file? Does bitrate display when play others?

As for SGCD FW upgrade, Last time, I was told it is not user upgradable.

8 x 44.1khz Roon upsampling

Everything else up to 384khz seemed to be ok when reading out on USB.

It would need to be upgraded by PSA. But first they need to correct the firmware issue behind the display flicker. @jamesh is aware of the issue and promised they’d work on it once C-19 wasn’t an issue. I reported the problem immediately and kept the unit with the understanding it would be addressed.

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Here’s a clue: I’m trying out a new Stellar Strata, which apparently has much in common with the SGCD. Its USB input fails to display the bitrate/bitdepth information most of the time. However, if I play a track with highly modulated content such as “Chesky - Audiophile Test Disc Vol. 1, Track 25. Bonger Test #1.flac”, the USB bitrate/bitdepth information displays continuously at the start of each test tone, and then disappears as the bong hit fades out. The display reacts similarly in rhythm with some high dynamic-range music.

If you don’t mind, shoot TJ an email at I believe there is a SW update that helps with this. He’ll know more about this update. Thanks!

Hi @jamesh

Has the firmware now been upgraded to address the display issues on the SGCD?

To some degree but I’m not certain what all is addressed.

Heard from TJ and the answer to my posted question is “no”.

Thanks @jamesh

Any progress at all?

I know it’s in the programmer’s log of bugs to get to, but I couldn’t tell ya where it’s at in the queue. Sorry about that.

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I have been asking and trolling on this forum and have been in contact with PS Audio engineers and @Paul. Till the point that I was asked to shut up as PS Audio has no intention to solve this or better said, they’d like to solve this but there a many higher importance issues that they have to deal with. What I got out of the whole conversations is that the source code of the SGCD controller seems to be so poorly documented that it’s too labor intensive to fix this without the risk of compromising something else.

So after more than a year the Stellar Gain Cell DAC still not displaying any file format.

Bit perfect on my iMac (server) does (color code, you need to print the manual from their WEB site). This is cumbersome and poor user interface but it is what it is, I am told.

The SGCD plays the music really nice and I actually decided not to want to care about file formats as long as the DAC plays them, all of them.

But we are living close to 2021 and file formats have moved on since I baught the SGCD. Today, ifyou spend EUR 500 more you get a Pro-Ject RS-2 Digital Pre Amp (balanced solid state and tube stage selectable) that offers dual mono balanced DA conversion till 32 bit 768 kHz, DSD 512 native and DOP and as cherry on the cake it offer hardware MQA decoding, USB, AES/EBU, HDMI I2S, 2xTOSLINK + coax RCA inputs.

ProJect does offer a reasonably priced fully balanced fully discrete phono stage (EUR 1500) that plugs into the above mentioned pre amp XLR input and HDMI I2S super rigid CD transport with digital lens for EUR 2500.

Pro-Ject RS2 Pre Box Digital

For EUR 600!!! Extra you get the S2 Streamer ultra with USB reclocker/cleaner and Ethernet input, it is fully Roon Ready certified and pumps through up to 32 bit 352.something PCM, DSD 256 and MQA.

Except of SACD this very reasonably priced and fully synergetic designed set plays everything and comes with a rigid aluminum remote and above all a display that provides every kind of information about the inputs and file formats you desire to see.

You can pimp the set for even higher SQ by utilizing their high quality external linear or battery buffered auto charging power supplies and high quality power cables. All reasonably priced.

Downside: many, many boxes. But small ones that fit in any bookshelf (8”, 20 cm wide).

Unfortunately you sound like a company representative. If that is the case a full disclosure is necessary. If not, I appreciate the input and it does seem, as a newcomer, that you are a burr under the saddle here sometimes.
Not the end of the world that the usb input doesn’t show data, but for the money…
Love the sound. Every upgrade to PS has been an ear opener.

You’re right, it’s not that end of the world, it’s just very disappointing.
My GCD is full with bugs. My impression is QC in PSA is very poor.

My Gain Cell fails to display sample rate accurately and via USB three is no information

Paul stated that a new software mode is coming


Good question

And not addressed!