My Marantz model 30 amp is going into protection mode help!

My amp goes into protection mode randomly and when I switch to phono setting. I did notice my banana plugs were loose on my homemade speaker wires (probably from moving speakers in and out during listening sessions) so I dumped them and bought new professionally made speaker wires. I also replaced my phono interconnects just in case. Well the amplifier worked fine in power amp mode and phono for a couple weeks with no issues, but then the amp would just randomly go into protection mode when in power amp setting. Now as soon as I switch to phono the amp immediately goes into protect mode.
I did unhook everything from the amp and tried switching to phono and again it still goes to protect mode with no speaker wires or interconnects. Is it possible the amp got damaged from the loose speaker wires? Please help.

Ima Dummy

The first thing to try is to disconnect everything and unplug the amp fora few minutes. Leave everything disconnected and restart it. Restart and then try switching inputs with no connections attached. Turn off the amp and reconnect things one at a time to see if something else is to fault.


I did that and with nothing plugged in it still goes to protect mode when switched to phono. So I’m assuming the phono stage is damaged?

Something in the phono hardware is causing a fault and inducing protection mode. Have you tried modifying phono settings to see if that affects a fault?


The only thing I changed was the interconnects from phono to amp, I replaced them. Right now I have my turntable totally unhooked and using the model 30 in power amp mode hooked up to a sprout 100 so I can listen to the tv through my speakers. Hopefully it won’t go into protect mode now that the turntable is unhooked.