My new review for The Absolute Sound comparing AGD GAN with BHK300’s

I am normally best suited to be behind the camera, but The Absolute Sound convinced me I should try my hand at reviewing. In listening to AGD’s GAN amps I compared them with my BHK300’s. This was done direct from from the MKII with APS transformers, to eliminate any preamp interactions.


How about a TLDR?

a wuhhh?

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You’re fired Ron.

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I’ve been thrown out of better places than this. Waiter, check please.


or TLDW?

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My oft-times conclusion.


I dunno fellows. I tend to eschew long-winded blog-like videos myself, but this review struck me as pretty succinct at just over eleven minutes.

Moreover, the review made a point of doing something many reviews fail to do and we often complain about; i.e., spend a focused amount of time comparing the sound of two products.+

Overall, I thought it was worth the eleven minutes. Make it 8 to 10 minutes long and it would have earned five stars. :wink:

Finally, as an owner of a pair of The Audion amps, I agree with the description of the strengths and qualities of these amps.


(+Even if it was a bit of an apples to oranges comparison.)


Yes, we are being a bit harsh. But we’re also trying to be funny.
Emailists is a good guy. I will spend the time watching the review later, but have been working like crazy today, and have have forced myself to only take quick breaks today.


I was going for funny. I was going to watch the video tonight.

I do however like TLDW. That made me laugh.


Nice review. All points well covered about the pluses and minuses of both. I’m seriously considering a pair of the SOLO amps.


This review sounds remarkably like the comparison I’ve noticed here between my BHK 250 and a Dennis Had Inspire 300B-v (although I use a BHK pre in front of a DS DAC Mk2).

Hey thanks all for watching - it’s gotten close to 10K views since yesterday which isn’t a lot for YouTube, but actually quite good for TAS’s channel, which they are still building. If anyone wants to post it on other forums I’d appreciate it. Would love to get them additional viewers.

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You bought 'em…?


I did! They’re being built for me now. I should gat them late next week…

Don’t know if you are dealing with Alberto directly or not, but he is great to work with…

Congratulations again.

Looking forward to learning of your experience with them…

What are they vying to replace?


I haven’t spoken to Alberto personally, but I’ve checked him out on youtube. Clearly a genius, yet not pretentious I’m buying them new through an east coast dealer. I just missed a used pair at $12,999.

They will be replacing my winter amps–Primaluna Dialogue Premiums run as monoblocks with KT150s, and my summer amps Schiit Audio Tyr monoblocks.

Both suck up a lot of electricity. I’m hoping the AGDs will help me gat my electrical bill under $200 a month!

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They are supposed to be, relatively speaking, energy efficient.

Should provide for some interesting comparisons given the amps you have on hand…

AGD claims 94% efficiency…