My system, but always upgradeing $$

  • Krell S-1000 Pre-amp/Processer

    _ 2 Emotiva 500 Watt Mono blocks (Main Speakers)
    • Outlaw 5 channel amp (surrounds)
    • 12" Outlaw Sub (Movies)
    • Pair of GoldenEar Triton 2’s (Mains)
    • GoldenEar Center
    • B&W 685’s Surrounds
    • Oppo DVD Player
    • PS Audio PWD
    • PS Audio P-10
    • Cardas Clear Light Speaker, and Interconnects (Mains, Mono’s)
    • Audioquest Diamond interconnects (The Rest)
    • Pangea power cords on all

      There you have it! Would love to have a pair of Focal Grande Utopia’s, but who has $180,000 laying around? LOL!


Sounds like a great system. How about some pictures?

Thanks for sharing.

Steven B-)

OK…Here ya go…

Attached files

Nice rig!

I especially liked the woofers. :slight_smile:


The big black woofer on the floor. :smiley:

gotcha… what’s cool is the GoldenEars ( each have 1200 watt Subs in them, I don’t even use the Outlaw Subwoofer for music. I tell you, If you have a chance to audition the Triton 2’s, do so, awesome speakers for the money. ($3000) I’d put them up against a lot of other hi-end speakers going for $10,000.


My friend is a dealer here for them so next time I visit I will ask for a listen.

nice review.

That is a good review, and very true. But he is right, make sure that if do audition them that there hooked up to like a Mcintosh, or something of that level, and not a Radio Shack special. : )

Nice setup . Is that a lab ?

Thanks! Yeah, I have a Black Lab, and the other one is a Weimaranor…there a hoot!

Wow nice dogs . You have both ends of the energy spectrum there .

We raise dogs and show dogs. We go from Manchester terrier to Cairn terriers . That Weimaraner is a high energy dog. We also have a rotti lab mix she is my grandsons dog , labs are great dogs. Enjoy

Al D