Mystery speakers - Genesis?

They came from the estate of a psychotherapist in NYC. Likely purchased there, in the 1980’s or 90’s.

They are shaped like the Genesis, but have the style of a Vandersteen or DCM.

They have oak top and bottom, and a fabric sock surrounding the entire body. They are glued together all around. The cabinet appears to be commercially made. They are about 23 inches tall, 13 inches diameter. The only label to be found says “Internally wired with Monster Cable.”

One theory I have is that Genesis OEM’d them for a NY retailer. I read that they had made private label speakers for Fred Locke Stereo in CT.

I’ll probably end up using them for a DIY project, but I’m just curious what they were.

Link to pictures

Here are a couple of the pics:

Mystery Speaker

Sock down

They sort of look like Genesis but they’re clearly not. Tweeter and woofer aren’t what we used. The only thing in common is the Sono tube we used for the round body. I would say they are homemade something and not Genesis anything.