Nakamichi Stasis

Hi! I’m a new member of this amazing audiophile site. I have a general question.
I have a Nakamichi Stasis TA-2 receiver. Paired with 300w 2 way sealed tower loudspeakers with passive bass driver on the back and woofer on front with 3 tweeters. Im listening music from my Marantz CD67. Sounds awesome. What you guys think of Nakamichi Stasis products in general?


Welcome to the forum, I’ve never seen or listen to this piece of equipment, there will probably be someone here who can give you an opinion.

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Thank you for your atention!

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Karlis.Dizbite welcome to fun …

Hopefully you will find more answers here from others beyond
than which I am able.

Nakamichi Stasis are highly regarded amps and drooled over
the amps when they first came out. The circuitry design is
actually a Nelson Pass design taken from the Threshold Stasis
power amps.

Given the age of this equipment it would be a very good
idea to have your amp thoroughly gone through to replace
critical power supply components that may have started to
leak losing there rated value…

On youtube there is a medical imaging specialist installer and
maintainer that hobbies in great depth on classic equipment
refurbishing…highly detailed and using original schematics.

This gentleman goes by the youtube handle of xraytonyb.
What xraytonb does with this Marantz is what would be good to have
done with your Nakamichi.

Here is a link to a restoration of a Marantz 2238B receiver.

Happy journey…
Best wishes


I seem to recall reading a connection between the Stasis line and Nelson Pass. If he had a hand in the amplifier design then they could be very good indeed (not saying the Nakamichi designers weren’t very good in their own right, but their reputation was built up by producing excellent cassette decks.)

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Thank You, this is very helpfull!

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Yes, Stasis was Nelson Pass Treshhold. And cassette deck Nakamichi Dragon was a ‘killer’.


Xraytonyb has done many restos…many videos…I enjoy
watching his highly detailled work… TonyB does not skimp
as he hoes along what he thought might be a “simple” fix…
uhhh tunrs out that there is much more component items
needing replacement…

Hooe you enjoy watching…

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Very educational. Thank You!

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Karlis indeed very educational, at times can be very dry.
However when gets to replacing the actual components
and getting into the disassembly and replacing retesting
the repairs…this becomes fascinating to watch…
Particularly the finished product…

I don’t know of many techs that are this thorough or
caring about the equipment entrusted to them.

This is the level of care your Nakamichi deserves.

Happy journey
Best wishes

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Great care is needed if we love our equipment as audiophiles.

Have a great day! Best wishes!

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Hey Karlis…you may want to check the dc offset at your speaker outputs.

Here is a classic thread posted by EchoWars at Audiokarma
regarding the importance of checking. Particularly on classic vintage

I had a Denon POA 2200 200watt/channel that at 20 years measured
-7.8mv right channel and 1.4mv left channel…not bad at 20 years…
No longer have the Denon…

EchoWars explains negative dc offset on page 2.

DC offset is something you might like to check

Happy journey friend


I have a friend, who knows electronics and he can help me with this. 3 years ago he performed technical maintenance to my Nakamichi Stasis. Thank you for your advice!

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XRay Tony’s Video’s are awesome. The one he did of the rusted out scary McIintosh Amp is the stuff of legends.

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Absolutely enjoy watching his videos…even the “drier” parts.

Am about to post a few more of his videos…I think others
might enjoy them as well

Thanks rajugsw

Thank You, Paul, for this post.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice build
Minimal features
Mediocre sound

Odd first post.


Oh a wise guy eh?

Could not disagree with more you on on Nakamich sound quality…
They were amazing…

Wanted one so bad back in the day…

What a way to introduce yourself into the forum…

Best wishes

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Welcome @James1605

Yes, an odd first post, but all opinions are welcome. :+1: