Need extra sockets on a power plant

Looking at the price of power plants in the UK, I’m likely to need extra sockets on the one I buy. Can I use a multi gang trailing socket from one of the power outlets on the power plant?

Likely gear:
Blu ray player
Integrated amp
AV receiver
Rel sub X 2

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If you go over here there’s an active discussion about this subject:

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Isn’t that about needing more sockets on the wall? I need more sockets on the power plant itself.

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These two could probably come off the same power distribution board hanging off a power plant since you’ll only ever use one or the other and not both. Plus, they’re mostly low power usage/requirement components.

What power plant are you seeing to buy?

Although not necessarily “audiophile” these work well for not much money.
The thread mentioned above also has very good solutions

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Edit: I just noticed you mentioned UK, something similar to the following would work.

You could use one of these plugged into the PowerPlant to extend the outlets, these are just straight parellel receptacles without any filtering. You can buy it assembled or a kit with assembly required. Use it with the power cable of your choosing or make one of your own, and if you make the PC, you can upgrade the internal wire from the IEC to the receptacles. You can leave it basic or trick it out.

CONNEX Tri-Plex Power Center Finished (Assembled) (
CONNEX Tri-Plex Power Center Kit (Unassembled) (

It would be useful also a EU model, with Schuko outlets. If one exists please anyone can share here where to buy it? Thank you.

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I was actually just hoping to confirm its acceptable to plug in a multi way, but that has been answered by the product recommendations. Thanks!

@luca.pelliccioli , @hiace_drifter Supra does some decent power distribution boards too, 2.5mm internal wiring:

EU/Schuko - supra lorad shielded mains distribution blocks
UK/BS-1363 - Supra mains blocks

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I’m not in the UK, but I got these for my power plant when I needed more outlets. Works just fine.

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Something like this would be a possible solution for me. Unfortunately here in EU I cannot find a Schuko version.

If I’m not wrong a past P12 model had more outlets. Very useful due to lots of components on the market and PS Audio philosophy (separates)… PST, DAC, AirLens and so on. I have 2 P12s and have not enough outlets.

One more thought: also a P15 in EU version has “only” 3 HC outlets - 2 monos and 2 subs would need almost 4 outlets. I would be very happy if next PS PowerPlant in EU version would take this into account.

@Paul do you think is possible to have a P12 with 5 sockets (2 HC) or a P15 with 10 sockets (4 HC) for EU model with Schuko?

Like this?

Or this?

Or this?

Plenty of options.