Neodio Origine B2, another snake oil... or

Finally, I got a text that DHL is scheduled to deliver B2 this Friday. For a time, I wonder if they will deliver at all. It is good timing actually since I do not have anything that is in breaking in stage so I am ready to give it a fair chance.

I will water my house plants tomorrow to create more water molecules in the house. Will that help?

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No… but a cold shower might. :crazy_face:


What? Are you okay, Donald?

Enjoy your molecules!


Either the wine with dinner was too good, or this B2 voodoo magic device actually made all the water molecules aligned into the best locations for music. The improvement was quite obvious! I’m amazed!

I put on the latest cd “AD Astra” by Il Volo because the music is a bit “noisy”, and I only put two B2 on top of the speakers. The three singers all calmed down, and they started singing smoothly suddenly. :thinking:

I’ll try other two later. But Luca has showed me another device that really works. I’ll pour myself another glass and listen some more.:wine_glass::man_dancing:t2:


The more you drink (good wine) the more you can appreciate B2s!!!

Kidding apart if you want please PM me pics of your room (front wall area) in order to get a better idea of the depth around speakers and rack. I’ll be glad to provide you some ideas to place them where I had greater results.


My 2 days vacation here

is inspiring me on water molecules…


Location (again), look fabulous.

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I agree with you (again). Each time you listen to music with B2s in the room, imagine… this is the feeling!!

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Thanks for the tips and correction! Too late for music and I’ll experiment tomorrow.

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What a wonderful day it is, Donald when you have tweaks to manage with! Isn’t it?


Love it! I don’t think I’m normal anymore, and you have helped turning me into a tweak monster :japanese_ogre:


Vmax may have to give up his crown. :laughing:

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B2 by far has the most influential location on top of FR-30, about 6” away from the front baffle. The other two put on window shelves:

These two locations gave me smoother and sweeter midrange, and the treble and bass are all cleaner and enhanced too.

I’ll continue to experiment in a later time, but I like the sound very much as of now. B2s are doing something much more than fuses.

I seem to see the water molecules are forming into a beautiful pool outside my window where the soundstage is now.:merman:


Glad you like them, it means I’m not totally crazy!

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B2s are surprisingly effective at this location:

I moved B2 from top of the speaker upon my wife’s request (order), and I have been looking for another location. At here the SQ sound great too.

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Let your wife go out shopping and try them on the floor…you might be surprised (before she gets home).

Try to be scrupulously symmetrical according to the sweet spot line of the listening position.

Once you have found an effective placement always try little movements backward and forward, even few inches matter.

Try also higher placements on the front wall: think about B2s like lights that can enlighten portions (or boundaries) of the stage.

Natural materials are usually better, like wood.

Experiment when the aesthetic committee is busy with other matters outside the house.

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I’ll try when the opportunity arrives. Let me tell you a funny one:

I told my wife these round metal things only cost a little more than the metal doorstops. Maybe because of that, she did not hear any SQ difference when placing them on top or side. The above location is the only place she said “maybe”. This was done with the other two on the window shelves, and she has no objection to that.

But I clearly heard a difference. :thinking: Either she is right, or I am crazy; talking about Placebo effect! :laughing:

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WE ARE crazy, of course, wife’s right, always!

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Why would a handsome shinny disc on top of a pair of speakers bother anyone? I guess women really are from Mars.