Network not hooking up with DS Bridge 2

You would think spending $5000.00 for an audio component you wouldn’t have this problem! (Sorry, I’ve been trying for an hour now trying to get the DS to see my network.) Everything else in my rack that can receive a network signal is seeing my network, except the DS. I’ve unplugged, pulled the network cable, restarted, unplugged power cord restarted blah blah blah! UUUGH! HELP!

My favorite trick is to have my router assign a static IP to the Bridge 2. You can do this through the router settings and providing the router the MAC address of the Bridge 2. You can use an app call Fing (iPhone and Android app) to determined the MAC address of the Bridge 2.

Just to elaborate, I block off 20 IP address from the DHCP list and use those address to assign static IPs to my stereo including the computer JRiver runs one, the Bridge, and my controllers: iPad and iPhone.

Can’t give you precise instructions since I don’t know what router your using but google is your friend if you don’t know how to accomplish the above.

Good Luck!!

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Well, I unplugged the power cord for about ten minutes, restarted and FINALLY it see’s it. But again, this is ridiculous to have to bend over backwards to get this sh** to work properly.

Note, it is what it is. There’s a better than good chance it’s your network’s fault. In the open protocol world, there will always be issues. Apple works, most of the time, because their world is tightly controlled. I have been successfully running Bridge 1 and Bridge 2 (bought just after it came out) for several years now. It does work, and in my opinion, worth the effort.

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Networks are tricky. Be patient, you’ll get it hooked up. Converting to eero mesh solved all of my network problems.

As amsco wisely suggested setup a static IP for the device. Curiously, my DS jr never had this issue, but my Sonore microrendu and Bryston BDP-1 sure did.

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No, you shouldn’t and it’s clearly something we can easily help you with. Mind giving us a call? 800-psaudio. We’ll have you connected quickly. No need for the frustration. We’re right here to help.

HI David,

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble!
Network audio is frustrating sometimes.

Give us a call at 1 (800) PSAUDIO and we’ll help out.
Or you can reach out to us at

We’re here from 8:30 - 5 PM MST.

  • Jeremy

Indeed, network access can be tricky and sometimes frustrating.

Networks are a tricky mess. You can’t blame one device in your network if it won’t connect easily. It’s more likely a function of your entire network. As recommended by AMSCO15 try fixing the IP address for the Bridge in your Router. It is possible that you have other devices within your network that are oscillating IP addresses, dropping connection, reconnecting, getting assigned a new address only to drop and re-add back. A noisy device can cause problems w/ other devices. Fixing the address stops your router from putting it’s dynamically assigned IP address from being reassigned.

He did report earlier that he got it connected.

People just want to plug something in and have it work. DHCP is supposed to do that. Sometimes it doesn’t. Network issues can be frustrating. Fortunately this time the 10 minute rest did the trick. I like to have a 10 minute rest from time to time as well, sometimes longer.