New Look Forum?

I just want to read what people have to say, simple as that. There is just too much stuff on the page that clutters my reading experience.

Interesting. I am sensitive to visual noise and am not bothered.

When reading a thread, all I see is posts and the scroll bar to the right. Only when I get to the bottom of a thread is there forum tool links and other stuff.

The best part of the new forum is all new posts are listed to the right in a very clear fashion on the homepage. Very nice and useful feature. Easy to stay up-to-date with issues of interest and ignore the others.

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Excellent change to the forum format. Feels just like the Roon setup.


It is, in fact, the same company Roon uses to host their forums.

Yup but I particularly like there ability to scroll through long threads without having to switch pages.

Just discovered the new Forum layout and trying it out… One question, how does Paul look the same but Ted looks younger :))

He’s like Benjamin Button. He gets smarter and younger each and every day. Me, I just se the same photo while I get old and gray.

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Lots and lots of issues with the new forum. I just spent 15 minutes trying to PM a member – and couldn’t even find a list of members. And my avatar is gone. This is a mess. Maybe someone should write a manual for some of us dummies!

To obtain a list of members, go to the upper right and click on the hamburger (the three vertical lines). On the right side you will see a button “users.” Click on this and you will have access to all 17,485 of us.

Of course, you can filter the list to whatever you are looking for by typing in the box “filter by username.”

Let us know if you have more questions.

What does the numeral notation “1” mean next to the “L” that I have somehow ended-up with in this new forum??? I presume it means that one message awaits? But when I view all my messages, the numeral “1” does not clear.


The number is notifying you of a new message in threads you are tracking (probably this one as you posted in it previously).

You are “L” as your user name starts with an L. (Reminder, let me know what you want your user name to be and I will change it for you.)

When you have a message or other notification (such as a liked post) you will see a number on the right hand side (note: I may have the sides reversed).

All of these things can be changed in preferences.

But why didn’t the number clear after I viewed the message (and reloaded the page)?

And now there is another number on the other side of the “L”. It is also a “1”, but in blue. What does that mean?


Here’s a screenshot of what I am seeing:

R. LaBarre wrote:

One number is for new posts, the other for new notifications of mail, badges, earned, etc.

If you hover over the bubble it tells you what the notification is about and you can also click on the avatar and read the drop-down menu for latest notifications.

  • Green bubble: unread private messages
  • Blue babble: unseen notifications

If you click on your avatar you can see all those notifications in detail.

There are other notifications, Elk, that do not clear with a page refresh. Please
note from the screen shot below the numbers that appear under the “Topics” column for new posts to threads. (For “Audio Components” it says “3 new”. For “Power Components”, it says “1 new”). Yet when I click
on those notifications and read the new entries, then click to see the latest web page for all categories, the notifications of new posts do not clear back to zero. In other words, the update is not intuitive at all.

LaBarre wrote:

I have edited my previous post with some additional information.

I suggest exploring, trying options, as well as checking your preferences.

And do you want a new user name? You can stick with lmf22-2 if you would like. Some of use were assigned new user names as part of the transfer, including me, but it is easy to fix. You just need to let me know.

Cool, at least some of the missing posts have come back (I don’t know for sure if they are all back but the ones that I knew about are back.)

Also as I get more familiar with the new site I like it better and better - there are some weird interactions with email notifications and the little blue dots with numbers in them but I assume I’ll figure it out…

At least, the little Microsoft paper clip guy has not shown up, so things are looking up :):smiley: