New Look Forum?

I posted about this before but I miss seeing who is logged in and who is looking at what thread. I enjoyed knowing who was keeping me company!

I am.


I like the look and functionality. I agree desktop GUI is a little better but overall I am happy with the upgrade.

A question: suppose I want to get to the most recent post on a very long thread such as “What are you spinning now”? I just clicked on it and there are over 3000 posts. I’m not seeing the shortcut to the end. Thanks for your help.

On the right side of the screen is an elevator: you can grab it and move it or click on the bottom “… ago” text to go there. I find more hot spots on the screen the longer I use the site.

Thanks, Ted! I just figured out that if I click the box the small box with the number of posts the elevator appears. The discoverability of many functions is not great, but once you find the “Easter egg” it’s pretty nifty. Definitely a learning curve.

Near the bottom of Lee’s last RMAF blog is a current picture: I don’t know if that makes me look younger or older than my avatars.

I think it’s the shorter hair in the new avatar plus the photo is less grainy than the old avatar. Thanks for link it was a good read. Question: Why has my user name changed ? How do I change it back ?

PM Elk to get your name changed. Lee dropped by every day at RMAF and took a photo - I think he was planning to use one at the end of his RMAF block from the get go and was just looking for the shirt he liked best :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up and patience guys. All the missing posts should now be restored.


Thank you

I like this new look and I’m still finding my way around it. When I first looked in at it I felt a tad swamped by it all (it’s right in your face) just like looking at a exam paper and scanning it initially thinking “what is this” but it soon started to make sense…

Thanks, Elk…

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Hi, sorry, but I am not feeling the new look. The wasted blank space in the right-hand margin – which is approximately one-third of the screen on my MBP – strikes me as senseless. And the bright white background is eye strain city. Is there a way to change the background color?

Also, it looks like we lost signatures, and the emoji selection is weak.

Overall, this strikes me as a much less ‘fun’ interface visually.


What is an MBP?

Hi Elk. MBP = Apple MacBook Pro

Yes, we can control the colors. What would you suggest? It is the same white as the old forums.

This is deliberate. Displaying signatures, especially the large multi-line versions this group tends to use, adds a great deal of clutter. If you want to see someone’s signature simply check their profile. As an example, click on Paul.

It is the full Google emoji set, with the good and bad this implies.

  1. I miss the ‘Thank’ button.
  2. There seems to be quite a bit of white space between the last line of the post and the stuff at the bottom. Shortening that up a bit might be nice.
  3. The # of replies link is very light. Maybe it could be a darker shade of gray?

Hi Paul and thanks very much for the response. Check out the color scheme and layout on

I find AA much more legible and much easier on the eyes. Thanks again.

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