New Look Forum?


Agreed this “Tide White” makes me squint. That light blue is much easier to handle especially for a search or anything where you are concentrating …


The heart symbol at the bottom of each post is the “thank” equivalent. We used “thank” to mean thank you, like, and I agree. I think we will use the heart the same way.

I do not see excess white space between the last line of a post and the stuff at the bottom, perhaps two lines. How are you viewing the forum? Perhaps it is different when looked at using other devices. I am on a 15" laptop and it looks great.

I surprised with the requests for a different background given it is the same as the old forum. I do not have any problem with white, and actually prefer it, but a very light grey would be fine with me (I find blue annoyingly cute). We may experience it differently as I keep the brightness down on my screens; others prefer bright.

Can you provide a screen snippet of the number of replies link which is too light? The ones I see are dark. My guess is I am not looking at the correct one.


It is the darkness of the font making the contrast higher. Pretty sure the white’s the same.


It’s faint by comparison to the other grayed-out bits. (see screenshot) Perhaps it could be in bold if not another color?
I also use a laptop.

The white background doesn’t bother me. It seems consistent with the previous forum, as well as with PS Audio’s website. There does seem to be more white space on the screen now, which may be what some people are noticing.

I used the “thumbs up” to “like” a post on the previous forum, and the “thank” button for an actual thank you (likes and thanks are 2 completely different things to me). The “thank” button was both efficient and convenient, however, it’s apparently a thing of the past. We’ll all just have to deal with whatever tools we now have.

By the way, thanks for all the effort you’ve had to put into this transition, Elk (and everyone else behind the scenes). These transitions can be a lot of work!


It may well be the text was lighter. Even though it has only been days, I do not recall. :confused:

I like the printed page look, perhaps because I still read books.

It would be nice to have a small selection of color themes from which users could pick their preference.


Thanks for the screenshot. I was thinking of a different number.

I forgot about the thumbs up! Argh. It was perfect for acknowledging a good post, separate from thanks. I used thanks a lot to acknowledge the effort someone put into a post - like helping someone else, a through review, etc. I only rarely used the thumbs up.


Just to add my two cents … I too notice a lot more white space. Not so much a bad thing, but it does seem like there could be more there there (got that?).

I also just noticed an interesting feature, I was reading the last post in a thread and the screen jumped. Looked around for what changed and noticed below the post it indicated that Elk was in process of responding to the post. A few moments later his post popped up without any action from me. Real time updates!


A tidbit. The PS Audio symbol in the upper left brings you to your homepage. You can choose your displayed homepage in preferences.

I like “Latest” as my home page. Then, while in the Latest page, I clicked on the heading labeled “Activity.” This sorts the latest posts by time, listing the most recent post on the top.


The real time updates are neat.

Also neat is that one can be working on post and, while the edit window is open, you can move around in the forum to look things up, review other posts, etc. Very cool.


I was trying to do just that when I was writing another response. So I played with it and if I close the “preview” on the right side of the screen I can move through the thread. Very nice!


And you can move though the thread while leaving the preview open by simply grabbing the slider control on the far right (at least on the desktop version).


Yep - the nice thing on an iPad (though I don’t feel that I should have to be continually adjusting it) is that you can fairly easily change the color temperature of the whites. I do like the general “readability” of the new format. And I’m a bit taken aback by the intensity of the reaction to the new format. I have always sort of slogged on through the old look.

I suppose the home run would be being able to adjust everything — font size and color, background color/brightness, etc. from within the app.

I can dream, can’t I?


I, too, found the old forum limited and a bit of a slog. But we were accustomed to it.

It is easy to change color temperature on all laptops and desktops with which I have worked, but not only do most not know how to do this they would not want to do so for just a forum. On the other hand, turning screen brightness down is typically easy as well. There are many forums and web pages which are white.

We may be able to incorporate at least some ability for users to choose their own interface. This would be great.


Here is a screen shot of what I see on my desktop PC at standard 100% magnification:

What is up with all the blank … empty … space?

(BTW, hats off to anyone who noticed my FZMOI lyric reference in this post!)


Not that it answers your question, but some Cntl+'s would fill the space :slight_smile:


I prefer the old version.


Thanks, Ted, I loves me some CTRL+ and I use it while reading the new PS Audio Forum.


I’m also accessing the forum via the Latest/Activity view, but am wondering if there’s a way to ‘Mark all as Read’ when I finish a visit. TIA!


There are a couple of options (be sure to look out and set your individual options as well):

  1. In the Unread tab there is a “Dismiss Read” button at the bottom.

Note that this changes all the topics on your unread list from “tracking” or “watching” state to “regular” state. So you will not see new post counts on any of those topics again once you press the Dismiss Read button.

Edit: It also occurs to me to suggest muting those threads in which you have no interest.

  1. In New tab (note, The New page only shows new topics, not new posts.)

Clicking or tapping that “Dismiss New” button does two things

a. Clears all “New” topics immediately so they are no longer considered New to you.

b. Only topics created after you last Dismissed New will now be considered new to you.

. . .
Keep in mind that the Latest tab will always show you (with the use of dark text) which threads contain new posts.

And remember you can mute those threads in which you have no interest.


I prefer real forum software like this:

This forum software that Roon uses is for the birds.