New Music Festival in Bentonville this Fall

There is a new music festival this fall in Bentonville Arkansas. It looks quite large and cool. From the blurb: “FORMAT represents a new type of festival, placing visual and performing arts on the same plane as live music, creating a fluid and unified experience. Visitors will encounter large-scale installation art and unconventional venues created by a range of internationally recognized artists, alongside an eclectic roster of musical acts. We hope to foster curiosity and discovery, and produce a memorable event on this beautiful, hidden stretch of land in Bentonville”

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Sounds a bit like South by Southwest. Cool!

Thanks for sharing.

It should. It’s produced by these groups.
" The festival is being organized by Austin-based C3 Presents (Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival), and TRIADIC, an agency with offices in New York City, London and Vienna. Regional organizations OZ Brands, The Momentary, and Crystal Bridges are also involved."

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If you ever make it to Bentonville, I really recommend Crystal Bridges and The Momentary. The Momentary does some really avant-garde art installations plus some good music. They have a bluegrass festival called Freshgrass.

There are also several James Beard Award nominated restaurants in Bentonville. My favorite is Tusk and Trotter.

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It’s also a mountain biking destination. They have a huge number of well groomed trails along with The Back Forty, which can really hurt you.

Yeah. I posted on that in the Mountain Biking thread. Well not The Back Forty specifically. It was on how NWA is becoming a mountain biking destination.

The area is also wonderful for high speed sport motorcycle riding. I am in the area every year.

Yes. I’ve driven my Porsches around many of those roads. My wife and I are building our retirement home in Fayetteville. It should be finished in early June. I really enjoy the area.


There are good reasons Fayetteville is number four on this list. For what it’s worth.


Agreed. We had a vacation in NM last fall and routed our return to Indiana through Bentonville just to see Crystal Bridges (and through Springfield, MO, to pick up a new bandsaw). It’s a wonderful architectural experience (IMO the facility itself - and its grounds - far outshine the collection it houses). I also like to think I own a little piece of it, considering the number of Walmart employees who have to rely on public assistance to survive. :wink:

Bentonville has become quite a happening place.

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Yup, Grizzly. I used to go to their PA showroom when my wife and I visited her parents in State College, but they closed that one (and her parents are dead now anyway). So the MO shop was convenient for this trip, and a pick-up there saved substantial freight charges.

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I have always liked their gear. I had their 14" bandsaw for quite a while. They have the best customer service. I had a problem with the fence lock, called, spoke to a nice fellow, send him a few pics, and few days later I had an entirely new fence. That’s how I guessed it was Grizzly, the fellow and the parts were in MO.

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While in Bentonville, don’t neglect to visit the Billy Bass Adoption Center, located in the Flying Fish restaurant downtown.


An excellent article, interesting and creative.

I’ve eaten there. I prefer the Flying Fish in Little Rock. I think they do a better job although I’ve been to the Bentonville location only once.

Do they all work? Personally I am not a fan of these, but as a collection I think it’s fantastic. Whoever thought of this has to have a great sense of humor.

I’ve seen at least one in action. I believe it started small, and then all those people who hated their gift donated them.

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It’s really Americana at it’s best. One Billy = trash; 50 Billy’s = Art.