New Octave release (Temporary Circumstances)

I’m curious will the SACD have better sound quality than the DSD file ?

Just got the download but haven’t played it yet.

Is there a PCM preview clip anywhere?

I am aware of only these track samples, which you have probably already found:

Thanks - didn’t see those. They are 44.1khz which is helpful. The sound is quite pleasant on these samples, quite forward, mainly vocal and piano and a little percussion on the some tracks. Sadly the music does not grip me at all.

I’m very difficult to please with female vocalists. My (and I assume many others’) current favourite is Kandace Springs and in particular her version of Angel Eyes with Norah Jones and David Sanborn. It was engineered by Bernie Grundman, I bought the vinyl. I see Grundman actually does some proper DSD recordings in his studios in LA and well as analogue remasters to DSD.

@Paul or who it may concern : I purchased and first downloaded the bundle. Had actually to relaunch it due to a network error message. Succeeded the 2nd time, but with following issues :

  1. no 44kHz files
  2. when unzipping on 96kHz “file is corrupted” message on Track #01
  3. on DSD “file is corrupted” message on Tracks #02 and 08. For chance at least no issues on 192kHz version.
    Not possible to retry a new download, got message : “Sorry, you have reached your download limit for this file”. To be honest I kinda feel like I’ve been tricked. After having already purchased “Out of Thin Air” I’m wondering whether I will fgive a chance to next coming Octave Audio Records …
    Would you please look at at and see whether it could be solved ? FYI other HiRes Music download platforms (Qobuz …) offer unlimited download numbers + single track download that would be helpful here. Thank you beforehand, BR Stéphane
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I had same problem and my download stopped after 2Gb or so with same network error and had to start all over again. I listened dsd layer without playback problems,but need to check if pcm is working fine now that you mentioned there may be glitches.

Got the SACD ordered. Looking forward to it.

Just downloaded the DSD version off their website I’m looking forward to listening to it this afternoon.

Go Octave!!

I purchased the download bundle, attempted to download it three times and each time it said it failed because my hard drive was full. I have 15GB free hard drive space - just how big is this download zip file???

I think mine said just over 8GB yesterday but I am not completely sure that’s where it stopped, it is at least that

I believe it’s like 8.3GB’s!! You get the DSD 64, 24bit 192khz, and also 24 bit 96khz, all in one bundle!! Maybe someone will compare the PCM and DSD and tell us which sounds better!

Mine was 5,6GB if thats wrong, can somebody direct me wher to re-download it, i can´t find it.

Mine shows 8.3GB when I downloaded it yesterday. Now I see 5.6GB on the zip file. And when I transfer the all three files plus the jpg, it shows 6.51GB on the memory stick.

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Thanks, guys - I tried downloading it to an external hard drive and it worked. Wow, only listened to the first three songs on DSD so far and I am really liking what I hear!! (Crazy DEEP bass from Chris Brunhaver!)

It’s my understanding that the bundle and download are two separate purchases. It would be very nice in the future if the physical media included the download so we could listen immediately; even if the physical was a couple bucks more.

I like to collect physical things as part of the hobby but my audio path is completely digital files at this point. “Collectors” editions I will purchase and rip if needed. But, almost all “collectors” bundles I’ve purchased in the last few years have included the digital download which saves me the hassle of creating the files myself.

I look forward to sitting down and experiencing this recording when it arrives. Thank you.

I can second the desire to be granted a download if you’ve bought the physical media. I remembered that years ago, some vendors gave you a download link with the purchase of a CD.

Like the first record ( Out of Thin Air). You get two discs, a SACD and another disc for download. But instead of putting it on a disc, send it as a download. That would be ideal.

I purchased the download today, but it did not include the 44.1 version. Typically I wouldn’t care, but I have my Sonos patio system linked to my music library - and Sonos won’t play hi rez . . . . . Only mildly disappointed!

I think instead of giving 96khz version which I feel is useless, they should give 44.1khz instead which is very useful!