New PS Audio speakers?

Someone from a vintage Infinity site posted their equally horrible setup. Sometimes you got to do what you got to do.


It’s especially fascinating as they are omnidirectional speakers, which makes the whole thing even more sensible…but never judge a setup until you heard it :wink:

I have a couple of GIK polyfusers that I can place on the first order reflections that emanate from the front glass. I can also put them up to cover the sidewall first order reflections. The polyfusers are used when I want a tighter soundstage. Finally my pictures have not shown the 6 different tube traps that are lined up in corners and sidewalls. Also note that an omnidirectional speaker design creates a different sound field than dynamics. Accordingly the treatment techniques are different. One of the reasons I bought the MBLs is they work great in my glass filled room. Open invite to anybody that wants to listen to this setup in Minneapolis.


That is quite a generous offer to hear such a fine system.


With all that you still get to keep your fantastic view!

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That super comfy Morrison Chair and view makes the setup entirely forgivable.

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On a a trip to Scottsdale I took in July I ran out of time to hear the Latest MBL101s here but I did get time to hear the upper Echelon of Wilson speakers , Sonus Faber, McIntosh and D’agostino, Burmester, and Complete World of McIntosh line and top of line Martin Logans.

The owners says he was looking at opening a store here in Southlake TX and owns property for a home he wishes to build here.

It is like visiting a HiFi show with what he sells and has set up. He sets up systems all over the US and the world. A must visit place if your in Phoenix.

LMC Home Entertainment


The painful truth.

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I totally agree - I live in Phoenix and had the pleasure of visiting LMC Home Entertainment about a year ago. Just an unbelievable array of loudspeakers, including the Wilson WAMM Master Chronosonic speakers that I was fortunate enough to be able to listen to while I was there. ($840k speakers, total system was 1.5M !!!)


I think silver feet on the black speaker would be my choice.


@vkennedy61 you are spot on.

Compromising decisions abound in this hobby. Here are pictures related to my previous reply. When I am in super serious listening mode I have this setup. Usually have polyfusers instead of the absorption panels and all sorts of tube traps (6 in all). It takes me about 5 minutes to get the setup from high spousal acceptance factor to this not so SAF. . I encourage folks to try some modular treatments to experiment with their rooms. Has helped mine without causing much architectural disturbance.


WOW you can easily behind your gear to swap cables, etc.


Those chairs must move several inches when those subs start hitting! Awesome setup! BTW this looks no compromise to me!!

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I was thinking the windows would be moving several inches from those subs.


I’m guessing this has been covered by @Paul or in this or other threads but is this first speaker model slated to be the flagship or is there a cost-no-object model launching at some point?

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Still middle of the line up

What I like about this room is that it seems very comfortable. I can easily see myself relaxing there. A good book, my Wife and dog, some libations, and of course music.



I asked that the other day in Paul’s post, and he responded that there would be 2 models above the initial model.

What about a smaller one?

There’s 4 smaller versions coming before the two larger versions.