New PS Audio speakers?

Agreed - buying a car for example (yes I know you can mostly likely see them, touch them before purchase versus what we are discussing here). You get a perceived value for the sum you are willing to pay. You don’t expect a BMW M5 for the price of a Toyota Camry.

We judge perceived value differently. Are you willing to give up leather seats to get an engine you want? Are you willing to give up two more feet from the front wall to get the speakers you want?

The price is going to be what it is. Some will be disappointed, some won’t. I want a pair of 300’s, I can’t afford them just yet, so I wait.


Chris… so I recall seeing these monster woofers previously. Jeez they looked 12”. Are those in the fr30 or in a future development.

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That’s why looking and learning about objective speaker measurements is critical. :wink:

This is so true. I think part of this is we all want the company to succeed. We like Paul , Ted, Darren, James. Heck I read Paul’s post from my bed every morning. It’s the first thing I do. So we all want success for this company … and quite frankly I couldn’t name that many employees or consultants from any other company.

Given that - I am certainly concerned about the lack of shows. … the lack of distribution channels - no dealers - the lack of chatter about this pending product outside this finite group. So when people chatter about prices and other things related to this pending product. …well for some of us we are trying to see the success for the company we care about. The sausage making is the marketing. Stirs up the discussion. I love it but right now it’s just pics on my iPhone and unfortunately I don’t see myself doing the pay before I hear thing. So it’s frustrating.


If I was seriously in the market for the f30…laying out the cash for a in home audition with a return policy would not bother me in the least. Sounds like a win win…


Hi Timm,

Yes, these woofers from an earlier prototype. However, we ended up using the custom inverted surround and 8" progressive spider tooling from the previous woofers that you mentioned in our FR-30 passive radiator design (but with a much more compliance for optimal performance in this application). They were designed around up to a 2" peak to peak travel and worked really well.

We are working on some subwoofers too (with even greater performance that what you saw), though they are a ways out as the remainder of this speaker line and some other projects are ahead of those currently.


If the speakers operate with the same level of transparency as the design/r&d process, I think they’ll be something special.

The pricing may be another thing. I tried to replace a bike that just got stolen I paid around $800 18 months ago. The new price is $1100 and won’t be available till the end of the year, so I could imagine the similar happening with the speaker.

Agree, measurements have to confirm the manufacturer’s ratings.

Important are impedance measurements, for matching amplifiers and off axis measurements as the indicate how the speaker fills the room…

Frequency response measurements are only a rough indication, as this characteristic is very much depending on the room.

Nevertheless all these measurements say nothing about how the speakers sound. Yoe will have to hear them

Don’t say you’re working on subwoofers for speakers which need no subwoofers :wink:

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Really Jazznut?

Oops, missed the smiley. Or did you add it later. LOL

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Our stance on subwoofers has always been the same. You need them. Though the FR30s will rattle your pant leg and be more than sufficient in the low end for owners, providing deep bass few have every heard out of a single floor stander, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t benefit from a subwoofer pair.

I know of not speaker system that doesn’t benefit from the addition od two well placed serious subs.


Thanks @timm I think your comments have a lot of weight and I really appreciate your support for the company and our family. We’ve definitely always taken a different path than most and we’ve made alright progress following it. It’s not a perfect path.

Speakers are going to be interesting and I can’t wait to see where all this goes. Likely the early adopters will gain first access to the speakers and they will do so because they know us well enough to trust us. We simply would never produce a product that we wouldn’t be excited to take home. It is a leap of faith and it will take time but I am confident when people get the FR30s home they will have their expectations exceeded and their socks blown off. That will help spread the word.


I agree very much! Thought I read a different statement once, but it doesn’t matter if this is it.

At this point, I feel like we’re talking about unicorns here. Everyone has seen pictures of the creature, but only a select few have experienced one, (or two). Word of mouth just doesn’t get it for me, and promises of greatness are just as lame. As things are at present, it will take a very large leap of faith for me to experience this beast. -Seems like PS Audio has many unicorns in the works.
I’m sorry to be impatient, but this has been going on way too long.
Where’s the beef?

Hi John,

Even with a finished design, manufacturing takes some time (especially right now as we’re in the peak of a global supply chain issue) . Still, in time we’ll having some beta customer reviews, magazine reviews and product in the hand of international distributors so you can get a better sense of things.

I’ll also be breaking down some of the performance details and finalized tech (for geeks) and doing video and white paper stuff.


I said it once before -
getting such an inside view on the very long and torturous process of developing
a new product(s), seeing early prototypes, and reading the diluted version of some of the debates within the company, has been Most Excellent and is also pretty rare.

The less complaints on here about it the more of this we will see.

Moaning and arguing, on the other hand, will likely lead to another embargo
(just like the last time the complaining reached a crescendo).

So, please, be chill folks, and wait and see what happens :slight_smile:

(not aimed at anyone in particular, it’s more of a community thing!)


Yes please.


Except, it was those complaints that were instrumental to PS Audio moving away from the 50’s stacked gray suitcase design to what we see today. Is there any argument that those comments were a value to PS Audio? Let’s face it, this is one big focus group. Companies normally pay people to do what we do for free…it is a benefit to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve said it before, everyone being a fan-boi doesn’t benefit anyone.

No one was forced to offer comments about the prototype speakers.

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And neither was anyone forced to read them.