New PS Audio speakers?


I am guessing you mean Stellar? Yes, they will likely be similar.


Thanks, Paul

Sorry for the mistake on the Stellars name. In fact, I am considering a pair of Stellar m700’s to power my woofers. This would match up with the BHK 300’s I bought last week for the top end above 1200 Hz?




No worries, just making sure we’re talking about the same thing. Yes, they would be a great match!


OK, I meant the M700’s would handle below 120 Hz. Overkill?


I assumed you mean 120Hz for your woofers. Yes, they will work and match with the BHKs just fine and they are not overkill. No such thing as overkill. In fact, read tomorrow’s post which, interestingly enough, is on that very subject.

Great minds!


My present bass amp is a 40 y/o Electron Kinetics Eagle 7a. I had always thought that bipolar output devices were better for bass, but I guess it’s time to rethink that. Besides, I can’t lift the Eagle amps any more.


Wow :astonished:

Way, way prettier than the first animations in my opinion! Now we’re heading the right way.

Similar designed AN3 for $ 6k, 7k or even 8k? Count me in. Without a doubt.


Paul - There are still a few questions before I can consider pulling the trigger on the AN2, namely: Will you continue the policy for ‘early adopters? 2j Will someone in your staff help set up? How would shipping ‘trade ins’ work?..and finally, can I use my present amp to power them or do they necessarily have to be BHK or Stellars? Please advise. Manny


Mwalker2, I think you may be getting ahead of PS Audio a bit. Last time Paul mentioned when the new speakers would be available it was first quarter 2019, and he was a little hesitant at that. I would plan on them being available no sooner than March, maybe later. I would let them finalize the design and make a few prototypes before asking about trade-ins and “early adopters”. If you, or anyone else, is really interested in these speakers I would keep April 12-14 open. Why? That’s when AXPONA is and would be a likely first public demonstration of one or more of the AN series speakers will be. Unlike electronics, I would highly recommend you hear this speaker, or any other speaker, before committing to it.

With respect to the amplification, they will certainly be voiced with BHK components, but will certainly be usable with other manufacturers equipment.


Paul, after enjoying your latest video on the IRS Killers and the upcoming AN-line, you said all models will have one front firing woofer? So, are you back to that idea now as opposed to side firing, or was the video just old…?
Please, again, we want more woofs built in…:sunglasses:


Old video. We’re now fixed on side firing woofers after working out the phase requirements and how we’ll pull them off.


Hi paul.
Will the AN3 be released simultaneously with the other big boys? The PS AUDIO dealer at my country claims the smallest AN will be released much later and that I shouldn’t wait for it…
I hope he is wrong…


We haven’t decided any of that for sure but our intent is likely just the opposite of what your dealer is suggesting.


Paul, do you already have the real measure of the AN2 without the design-included base plate and spikes, so just the speaker?

And another question:

Usually speakers are quite trouble free after purchase as they have just passive components. Now speakers as you plan them have not only active amplification, but also (probably upgradable) SW components for DSP and room calibration functions etc.

I suspect that they theoretically will have a bigger potential of service trouble than passive ones.

So while I would trust no one more than PSAudio to care for customers in such cases, I still wonder how companies deal with that. Isn’t there a need to build them modular (separatable by customer), so that not a whole speaker must be shipped in case of a problem, but just a module?

I think you and your distributors wouldn’t offer in house service worldwide :wink:


Paul: Would one plug the AN2 speakers into a Directstream Power Plant? I currently have 2 BHK 300s, a BHK Preamp, and Direct Stream JR feed by the Direct Stream Power Plant 15. Could I plug the proposed AN2’s into the PP 15 with all of the stuff the PP 15 is currently feeding power?


Minnesota Fats! I have not seen a reference to Rudolf Wanderone in a long time.


That might be a stretch depending on how loud you play the system and what kind of program material. The two amplifiers inside the AN2, one for the subwoofer and the other for the midbass coupler, will not be shy about wattage. On the other hand, the AN2 will be very efficient so the BHK 300s won’t be asked to do much more than big peaks so certainly the system may work well - we’ll just have to see. A P20 would be no problem.


If one would ask me which ingredients my dream speaker should have (out of everything I experienced so far from various options available on the market) I would make this list (assumed I had not heard of the PSA plans)

Crazy that most of them are planned, couldn’t believe it.

AMT tweeter

AMT midrange

Line source

Active DSP bass

Servo bass support

Backfiring tweeter

Non ported design

Rigid housing with non parallel walls

Optional light-colored wood finish, not only lacquer

Fully active design

Add. tonal midbass matching option

Form factor like Arnie’s prototype (volume only where needed)

Selectable presets for different DSP settings


Fascinating that we’ve hit nearly 90% of your wish list.


Indeed you imo combined the best of what is usually found in very few designs separately, one or two of them by one manufacturer if at all.

It is really fascinating and I never expected such a speaker to be built, independent of cost.

Would be as if in a preamp we could find:

Hybrid tube design for bass control and tube benefits
Lossless Remote controllable pot
Tubed phono preamp integrated with balanced input and various adjustment options
Separate power supply
Maximum transparency and ambiance/soundstaging

But your preamp even matches over 50% also here.

And you matched close to 100% of what I could expect from a DAC.

No bad result from PSA products in my case :wink: