New Snowmass/Bridge Update Feature?

Hi all!

I thought I’d start a new thread about this new possible feature/bug I’m noticing, since the others are so long.

After the recent updates, everything has been working great on my end, except occasionally my DS Sr. still turns on by itself.

I believe I have found the cause… it comes out of sleep whenever something is trying to connect to the Bridge, or has a history of being connected to it at some point. For example, if I’m listening to Spotify on my phone in my car on the way home from work, the DS Sr. will pop on at home too. Or, if one of my kids is playing Spotify at home in their room or something, it will also turn back on. It also seems to do it when I start up MConnect too.

Anyways, is anyone else experiencing this? Not a big deal, but just curious if it is just something on my end.

Otherwise, this new update package is awesome!