New to P15, need guidance

I recently purchased P15 power regenerator.
Can some one share the trips and tricks?

I have connected

  1. Signature Rendu SE and Krell power amplified to high voltage (Zone D and Zone E)
  2. All other components like Lan switch, Oppo, Anthem processor to C/B/A zones

I hear a mild buzz sound in my speaks… may be ground loop, I need to figure out and also for now I don’t see a big jump in SQ. Should I wait for 200 hours burn in?

Currently, I’m running it with default settings and this is what the meter reading shows:
Does this look good?

Congratulations on your new P15. My P15 joined my system a year now and remarkably improved my listening experience. From the screen shot, your incoming THD is high, but the P15 is managing that very well. It takes 100 or so hours to burn in. The most notable improvements should be better soundstage, and stable bass. i.e. bass does not change with the time of the day or night.

  1. Is your version 230V Schuko? If yes, I would try inverting the plug at the mains, observe for hum and try the same behind the P15.
  2. I would test the Signature Rendu both in a zone with better isolation and high current and observe.
  3. From the control panel / setup, I would try high voltage regulation vs. the other setting.
  4. Sine auto setup is a final resort.