New weird website issue

Scrolling just brings me back to the top where the bar is blank. I took a screenshot but apparently one cannot paste it into a message without saving it first, which is a nuisance on an iPad.

To clarify my earlier post I was on a Windows 11 PC and had the top right cut off. I’m on my ipad Air 5 now and get the following.

Note what is missing from the top line in the first image in portrait mode vs. the second image in landscape mode.

I have that single character row problem myself and I don’t like sideways!

Same here

One more thing … while viewing on Windows I changed the zoom level and got almost the whole top line at 90% zoom, and all of it at 80%. I would suspect one of the recent updates to the forum software changed the zoom.

FYI everyone.

You one can add /?mobile_view=1 to the page URL to force a mobile view. It’s not ideal, but it’s a workaround until Discourse can answer as to why the proper menus are not loading for tablets.

We are also working on the navigation problems.

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…and in the mean time listening to music is a nice distraction.

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