No Audio Out on PerfectWave Direct Dac

I was listening to the Dac last night, and when I switched to coax for the CD player, no sound. Connected CD to the Mac Preamp, works fine. I switched to the Bridge, worked fine with Roon. Then, as I was going thru some of my Roon/Tidal music history, deleting some tracks, something went awry in Roon and it wouldn’t play, no Audio. Switched to Mconnect and the Bridge would show up, but no output. The PS will show all is ok on the screen, what’s playing, sampling rates, etc. I did the factory reset multiple times, unplugged overnite, still nothing on any of the outputs. Thanks for any advice!

Well, I left the unit running all day then mid afternoon turned on the Mac Pre and there was sound from Roon, I then reconnected the CD to Coax, same thing. Wish I knew why, but won’t worry about it for now. Thanks Anyway!