Older P3 not connecting to network

Hi, recently acquired an older P3 regenerator. When I plug the eth cable into the lights near the plug flash on. The IP light on the front of the unit does not come on. I am unable to connect to it. Any suggestions gratefully received.

One thought I had was that the previous owner may have set a static ip. Is there a way to reset the network config to auto?

There is a previous thread on this issue but seems was not resolved.

I believe there is a reset button on the back. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the little hole to the right of the trigger in and out ports.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Is there a particular way to do it? I just turned all connected gear off and stuck a toothpick in the hole and pressed quickly. The unit reset and showed some letters and then turned on again. Ip light still not on and unable to connect sadly.

If you know the ethernet cable and port are good, there’s potential that the IO board is bad. That’s the board that handles the network connectivity.

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Ok, is there a way to test it?