Nordost Purple Flare Speaker Cables

Parts Connexion is running a special (40% off) 2M Nordost Purple Flare speaker cables with banana terminations on both ends.

I took the plunge to see if they would be an upgrade over my ANTICABLES Level 3 speaker wires.

Anyone here have any experience and opinions about the Purple Flare cables they would care to share?

Thanks in advance.


PS, here are the PF’s specifications:


Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)


Mechanically tuned spacing


14 x 26 AWG


Silver-plated 99.9999% solid core OFC





Velocity of Propagation:



Gold-plated Spade or Z-plug Banana

Sounds like a very good deal…
Give them a try…

On order…

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Some years back Nordost ran a 30% anniversary discount
that benefited me with a full loom of Nordost Red Dawn…

These cables do require a rather lengthy burn in time to
arrive at their best sq.

Keep us posted let us know how it goes with these

Best wishes

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Just curious Scotte 1…you may have said as much elsewhere…
what are you using for didgital sources?

Best wishes

PSA DS Sr. DAC (Bridge II input for internet/intranet streaming) & PSA DMP Transport (I2S output for CDs and SACDs)

Preamp is an Anthem AVM 50v 2 Pre/Pro with Anthem Room Correction (ARC) software.

Currently swapping between Pink Faun Interlink I2S and AudioQuest Vodka (MK I) HDMI cables; trying to decide which one I like better to serve the DMP.

Streaming source for files and Roon (w/ Qobuz and Tidal subscriptions) is an iMac desktop computer in a separate room, on a separate floor, which transmits files and streaming music via Wi-Fi to a modem/router in the “music room”.

A variety of LAN isolators and low noise power supplies have been sprinkled in along the signal path to provide some galvanic isolation and power the media converters and a couple of ethernet switches.

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You have some wonderful front ends and sources!!!

With such great front ends…Your Purple Flares should
yield a very detailed layered dynamic wide and deep soundstage.

Personally I can’t not say enough for my DS dac sr…the DS dac
has really elevated my system a lot…

While I don’t have I2S capability…feeding my DS dac via Oppo 205
digital rca DH Labs Silver Sonic 750 yields an amazing beautiful

Best wishes

Thank you.

The DS Sr. is one of the top three or four (most impactful, best bang for the buck, etc.) best purchases I have ever made.

Even though it gets a lot of love here in the forum, I think it is a bit underrated and still one of the best DACs you can grab for the money (at probably as much as twice the price).

I am a huge fan of DS Sr. as well, obviously.

Have you listened to the Purple Flare cables yourself?

Thanks again.


Unforunately no I haven’t Scotte 1…would like to have though.

Best Wishes



The great thing about Nordost…you can trade up within the
Nordost line…

If you buy via …they have frequent flyer
miles you can apply towards purchases…

Best Wishes

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Bumping the thread…anyone out there “know” these speaker cables…?


Well here are 2 reviews one from the Absolute Sound, the
other from Soundstage…

Hopefully these can help fill the need for more ears on the
Purple Flares…

Best wishes


Saw these…thank you.


Hey scotte1…

Have your Purple Flairs arrived yet?

Best wishes

No. And I am a bit disappointed in Partsconnexion.

I ordered the cables a week ago today, and just yesterday I got an e-mail from 'Parts informing me:

“The following item(s) are currently out of stock, please let me know if there are subs that you can use, thank you…”

Kind of late notice/weird not getting a notice right away – but I am pretty sure they never charged me for the order. So, I am back to square one – have not had a chance to check their site to see if there something similar to interest me at this time.

Wow that is not the normal parstconnexion way of doing…
Very disappointing for sure…

If it is of any help with insights…

Last july ordered a new GE refrig from Home Depot, was to be
delivered august 15 of 21. Then the date got pushed back to
sept then october, with further postponements through december.
After many phone calls it arrived 6 months later.True that the
pandemic is in part responsible…but still not acceptable…

They tie your money up promising a product with no guarantee of delivery of said product…

Best wishes

Had the same experience with an expensive Kitchen Aid refrigerator and a local appliance dealer.

July 2021 order (paid in full) and, after a long and tortuous delay of more than six months, I ended up buying a scratch and dent specimen of the same model over the New Year’s Holiday break which had come into the store in the interim.

I went this route because the best they could tell me after the delivery date being moved out so many times I lost count was it would be at least another 45 days.

Long story short: excellent shape overall with minor dings that are not noticeable, good discount, ordered new freezer door front - this was the most “damaged” part of the fridge - (which still has not come in) and cashed a refund check for $115 dollars to settle the overall difference in price.

Very happy with the fridge (not so much with the lack of definitive information available regarding supply chain impacts).

Not something I let bother me too much in the grand scheme of things, though.

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What, how? The construction looks capacitive.