Nuprime CDT8 I2S output compatible with DS DAC?


Awesome. Thanks for the feedback.


Anyone with a CDT8 and a DS(J) tried the CDT8’s upsampling feature? If so, any observations as to the level of upsampling that sounds best? Thanks.


I am interested in this transport as well but I hear Paul is working on a transport for the Stellar lineup. Anyone have info on the Stellar transport and when it might come to market? Features? Cost?


Seems there may be a new giant killer transport [redbook only] on the loose in the form of Jays Audio…$2,060.00 US


In the same price range as the Jay’s Audio is the Simaudio Moon 260D:

I wonder how the Nuprime, Jay’s and Simaudio transports stack up against each other?


The ideal transport would be one that played SACD’s with a HDMI I2S output for about $2000. I would spring for this in a minute. I guess we are still searching for this.


If being able to connect to your PSA DAC via I2S is important to you then the only one we know works right out of the box is the Nuprime. Not possible at all with the Sim and I haven’t compared the pin out diagram on the Jay’s to see if it matches the Nuprime. I am quite happy with the Nuprime at almost a third of the price of the other two plus it’s half width size makes it easy to place. As to wanting another PSA compatible SACD player for $2000 that’s not going to happen as the “market” as a whole wouldn’t support it and it would be built around one of the transports available in the “disposable” DVD market.


This might hit the mark. Well under 2 grand too.


I definitely want to take advantage of the I2S input so the NuPrime seems like a great choice, the price is right also. I’m really curious about a Stellar transport and when that will come to market and what features it will have.


Have you tried the Nuprime CDT8’s upsampling feature while it is feeding your PSA DAC via I2S? If so, any impressions? Thanks very much.


Haven’t tried it yet but will and let you know.


Thx. Am interested in the upsample feature too, paired with a SGCD.


Guys I’ll have to get the manual back out then as generally up-sampling is of little interest to me. I tried it with both the Lumin and the Aries and didn’t hear a great benefit but I will check it out.


Hi All. I recently picked up a new CDT-8 because of the IS2 over HDMI output. It is indeed compatible with the DSJr DAC and sounds very good to my ear. However, with the SRC engaged (any setting) there is an audible, seemingly random ‘clicking’ sound added. This is quite subtle and I did not even notice it at first. However, with repeated testing it is definitely present in the SRC modes, yet completely absent with SRC off. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this? I’m using the NUPRIME included HDMI cable which is very short (~2 ft) and presumably not the issue since it does not occur with SRC off. I’m keeping the transport despite this issue since my main goal is to get redbook data to the DSJr where it can work it’s magic, and my understanding is that IS2 is the preferable means to move the digital data. That said, if anyone is considering the NUPRIME transport primarily to play with the upsampling feature they may want to reconsider.


I only tested the SRC for one evening into the DS Sr. up to 512 and I didn’t notice any “clicking” sound. I am using a Neotech HDMI cable. I also bought mine strictly for Redbook and based on my positive experience with other Nuprime pieces. I only tried the SRC as a test for another member so not something that I will use on any regular basis.


Definitely would consider adding it to my chain had it read SACDs not just Redbook. Even though there’s the upsampling to DSD feature I do think it makes it less interesting.


Hi Maxim,

I have used the CDT8 connected to DS via I2S now for a while, and must say that I am really satisfied how they play together. I also use Roon (core on a mac mini), connected to bridge II. If I compare them both I would say CDs sound better, more natural. I am planning to upgrade the mac with UpTone powerboard and a HDPlex PSU, to se if I can get the same relaxed presentation without any hardness and mechanical presentation I tend to have today.
In terms of operations, I would say the Nuprime handles well. The remote is somewhat primitive to use. I don’t really like the buttons on it, and when fast forwarding too long, The player has stuck a rear number of occasions, leaving me with power cycling as the only option to get it going again. Despite these tiny complaints, I think the CDT8 is a bargin, and I recommended it warmly.




Thank you for this encouraging update. I am glad you are enjoying you CDs with the CDT8!



Daft one I know but I’d like to make sure please. Does the CDT8 actually read/decode the DSD layer of SACD’s? Or it reads the CD one then onto the PS Audio dacs (via I2S) which then do their magic?


It does not do DSD only Redbook including the layer on Hybrid SACD discs.